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Winter is officially upon us, and after returning from a ski trip, my skin is super dry, flaky and in need of some TLC. We’ve thrown together the best remedies for winter skin, getting you that summer glow back in no time, including face and pesky bits like elbows and knees. I’m lathered in avocado and coconut oil as we speak.

Olive Oil – Rich in antioxidants and many healthy fatty acids, it isn’t just good for your taste buds, but also great for your skin. Dab a thin layer under your regular moisturiser to enhance the nourishment or put together a face scrub of sugar, olive oil and honey for an exfoliating and moisturising treat.

Oatmeal – Not just for your winter porridge, oatmeal is a great addition to any beauty routine due to its high protein content, protecting the skin against water loss, maintaining moisture. It is also anti-inflammatory, so relieves itchiness and unpleasant sensations of dry, flaky skin. Put a cup of oats into a muslin cloth bag (or muslin cloth, tying it closed with a hair tie) and pop into your bath. The water will become lovely oaty milky texture, and it will get to work immediately on soothing your winter skin.

Milk – For those non-vegans, your ordinary organic whole milk is a great natural exfoliator and moisturiser. The lactic acid helps peel away dead skin cells and promotes the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Mix half a cup of milk with a half a cup of rosewater for a luxurious milky body wash guaranteed to leave you silky smooth.

Coconut Oil – Yes, yes, we’re never too far from giving our buddy Coco a shout out, but with good reason. High in fatty acids, this oil is rich and will nourish where your water heavy moisturisers can’t reach. Get a pot, lather all over, rinse in shower and you’re done. Or have a go at making our favourite Fuss-Free, the all-round beauty balm made of coconut oil, rosehip and jojoba.

Honey – This antioxidant, antibacterial, humectant wonder is one of the best natural moisturisers. High in Vitamin E, honey penetrates deep into the skin’s layers, providing long term moisturisation. Melt equal parts beeswax, honey and olive oil for a one-time use balm, focusing on dry areas like legs and elbows. Wash off in the shower.

In Winter, nourishing from the inside is just as important as from the outside, so make sure all of these foods are present in your diet to maximise on their healing properties.

– Dominika Minarovic