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Why is BYBI’s Bakuchiol Booster always out of stock? 

Why do we keep going out of stock of our Bakuchiol Booster? It’s a great question.

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Not having product to sell to eager customers is a bloody nightmare. There’s so much hype around out of stocks and sold out product, it’s become a marketing tool to drive demand. But when you’re genuinely out of stock, like actually don’t have a unit and new stock feels like many moons away, there’s nothing more frustrating that not being able to supply.


Why do we keep going out of stock of our Bakuchiol Booster? It’s a great question, something the team asks us all the time. Simply put, we were not able to predict or forecast the insane demand for this product when we launched it a year ago. There’s a ridiculous stat that one is sold every minute, and to be honest with the speed we fly through stock, it’s got to be true. 


We saw bakuchiol as a super new, buzzy ingredient we knew was going to take off. A vegan, natural, gentler alternative to retinol: it’s what we all wanted in our routines. We wanted to get it out super quickly, so we started building in-house manufacturing to accommodate bringing it to market with speed. And we did, we launched it in less than 8 weeks with enough stock to last us until January. All our stock was gone by the end of that week and thus began our journey down the perilous can’t keep it in stock saga of 2019.


There must have been a halo effect somewhere whereby the lack of supply increased the demand. Every-time we did a new run and ordered enough stock to last us months, it was gone in a week. We literally couldn’t keep it on the shelves it was selling so fast. And then we launched with Boots, and suddenly we were back in-house manufacturing alongside our third parties to fulfil all of the orders. We had backorders coming out of our ears that we didn’t want to turn away. We had to find a new partner to be able to fulfil the scale we needed and finally, a year later, we had a shit ton of stock and we’re ready to rumble. Hopefully people still want to buy it now!


Moral of the story is: be patient with us. The lack of stock almost reduced us to tears at times, and we’re still learning the ropes of the supply game. Hopefully every product sells as well as the Bakuchiol Booster and we’ll do our best to make sure we have some stock to sell you if it does!