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What’s In Her Handbag: Dominika Minarovic

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What's In Her Handbag: Dominika Minarovic

A leading beauty expert and innovator in the UK, Dominika is no stranger to the latest products in the natural beauty sphere. In fact, quite the opposite, if you consider the fact that she, along with her business partner Elsie, plays a major part in growing and contributing to this movement, through Clean Beauty Co. and its sister brand, BYBI Beauty.

No surprise then, that every product she carries with her has been highly appraised. Read on to discover more about what’s in her handbag!

Acca Kappa Natura Beechwood Hairbrush, £32 at Acca Kappa

“My hair is ultra fine and most brushes just rip it to shreds. This natural brush is amazing at taming flyaways while treating my hair gently.”

“Plus, no plastic!”

John Masters Organics Green Tea + Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist, £24 at John Masters

“For ultra fine hair, this conditioning treatment is an absolute dream. I apply it religiously after washing and always feel a noticeable difference every time I use it.”

“For me, it’s a guaranteed rebuy as soon as it runs out!”

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Spruce + Spice, Limited Edition.

“The only natural deodorant I’ve ever found works for me. It’s non-toxic because it doesn’t contain the aluminium that’s usually found in your average deodorant, but instead has essential oils to keep smells at bay. Enough said.”

BYBI Beauty Babe Balm, £18 at BYBI

“Not to blow our own horn or anything, but I love Babe Balm! I use it all the time, everywhere: on my lips, as a moisturiser, hands, dry feet…”

“I have a tube in every room of my house. Lucky for me, we make it, or else I’d be going broke buying it all the time!”

Antipodes Immortal SPF15 Face & Body Moisturiser, £29 at Antipodes

“I am massive on SPF as I have really pale skin, and this moisturiser is great at keeping my sun protection topped up, while nourishing my skin at the same time. Win-win!”

Jane Iredale GreatShape Eyebrow Shaping Kit, £26 at Jane Iredale

“I have really pathetic eyebrows due to overplucking in my youth (hey, we’ve all made mistakes!) This kit gives a great natural shape and the wax keeps it in place!”

– As told to CBCO

What's In Her Handbag: Dominika Minarovic