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Dominika’s Wedding Countdown

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Dominika's Wedding Countdown: PART 1

Oh lord. It has just dawned on me today that I’m getting married in seven months. A few short months to lose those lumps and bumps for my ultra-fitted wedding dress (fiance, stop reading now!), as well as figure out the best way to condition my skin to perfection. As a bit of a beauty fiend, there are plenty of practical things to organise for my wedding: nails, TAN, hair (or lack thereof), makeup, underthings and comfortable, but striking shoes. Skincare routine on the day? Or the day before? I’m going to be selfish and use this blog as a note to self of things I need to do. Let’s start in the most obvious place: my face.

The products I’m loving

I’m slowing getting converted to non-product based facial treatments, after loving my Nurse Jamie roller (still rolling nightly), Skin Laundry facial and most recently, microneedling and microdermabrasion at the Elixir Clinic. I’d like to return to a laser treatment before the wedding, as I noticed a significant uplift in glow and firmness. Things I have my eye on: FaceGym and NuFACE facial toning device. More to come on that.

Product wise, I’ve been diving into acids to really begin that resurfacing process to ensure my freshest, glowiest skin on top and also building up my tolerance so I can go big guns nearer the time. Glycolic and lactic seem to be have the desired effect, I’ve also extended the treatment to my upper arms where I sometimes get the weirdest blocked pores / whiteheads. It’s really working. And no doubt, I’ll be hitting an avo and yogurt face mask in the days before, as I’m still a staunch believer in those home remedies.

Generally, my vision for my skin on the day (all over) is soft. I want people to touch my arm and think ooo she’s soft. People giving me cheek to cheek, ooo she’s soft. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

Next month, I’m going to commit to the wedding diet. No really I am. Keep following Clean Beauty Co for the next stage of my journey!

Dominika's Wedding Countdown: PART 1