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Wedding Countdown: Part 2

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Wedding Countdown: Part 2

We’re bridging the 6 month gap now so it’s really very much time to think about my waistline and my eating. I’ve found my outfits, but I now need to get measured in the coming weeks, so my mind floats to what my goal is. I’m curvy, ain’t no amount of fasting going to change that, and actually I love my curves so my outfits are very much geared around accentuating those (ie. very tight). Rather like my skin (see part one), I’d like myself to be the best, softest, sleekest image of myself on the day. Obviously I’m going to squeeze into head to toe Spanx to iron out any lumps or bumps, but I do need to put in the effort myself to make sure I feel mega babe level on the day, and that I can actually breathe.

So my plan is:

Exercise: Me, I’m a Barry’s convert. I’ve really noticed the difference in my physique (and also fitness!) since starting and I plan to weave in more classes budget and time permitting, up to 3 a week. I’m counteracting the high intensity running with yoga at my local Triyoga and I’m hoping the combo will also prevent injury allowing me to not have to take any time out due to achy joints. I’m also mum to endlessly charming Hefe who keeps me endlessly outdoors, chasing after him, going on long walks. Lean legs, here I come!

Eating: Sugar is my enemy. I can’t control myself. Donuts, chocolate, Nutella straight from the jar. It’s got to STOP. So the sole thing I am focusing on is cutting out refined sugar Mon-Friday (evening) and allowing small indulgences on the weekend (otherwise what would be the point in being alive really?). Other than that, I’m continuing my fairly good, veggie rich diet and not evening trying to cut out carbs – because I’ll be exercising so much (see above).

Wellbeing: As I’ve harped on a few times, am I big believer in dry brushing. I’m going to try and commit to nightly dry brushing using my iKou body brush, the BEST I’ve ever tried. I will also be routinely soaking in epsom salts to ease my post workout aches and detoxify my body.

I’m sure I’ll do something extreme in the weeks leading up but for now I’m being sensible Sally and trying to make manageable changes to my lifestyle to shift a couple of pounds.

Wish me luck! x

UPDATE: I’ve now ordered my dresses! Woo! See the above picture – guess who accompanied me to my final fitting? They took this super cute polaroid to mark the occasion!




Wedding Countdown: Part 2