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EP12: We interview tampon brand Dame founders, plus CBD legislation and our hiring struggles

We interview Celia Pool and Alec Mills, the co-founders of Dame, a sustainable tampon brand who are completely reshaping how we approach tampons.

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Billions of plastic tampon applicators get thrown away each year and cannot be recycled, an environmental issue that has largely been ignored – until now. Dame have created the first reusable tampon applicator, which is medical grade with self-sanitising technology, easy to use and 100% keepable, and also sell organic tampons. We interview the founders on how they built an eco brand, the key to a successful kickstarter campaign and how they landed Waitrose as a retail account. We also discuss our recent challenges around launching our BYBI CBD Booster. We’ve faced stumbling blocks with Facebook as well as other advertising platforms and payment gateway. Whilst 100% legal, the legislation around CBD is still unclear. We talk through the issues we’re facing! Finally, hiring is something that takes up a lot of our time as founders! Finding the right team members is a full time role in itself, so we talk through some of the challenges we’re currently facing as well as our open roles at BYBI.

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