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Watch - Clean Beauty Insiders

For those who like to watch rather than listen. Elsie & Dominika chat openly and honestly about all things beauty and business in their Podcast. Tune in and watch lively debates and standout guests, as the co-founders of natural and vegan skincare brand BYBI Beauty dish the dirt on the industry from the inside.

EP12: We interview tampon brand Dame founders, plus CBD legislation and our hiring struggles

Billions of plastic tampon applicators get thrown away each year and cannot be recycled, an environmental issue that has largely been ignored - until now. Dame have created the first reusable tampon applicator, which is medical grade with self-sanitising technology, easy to use and 100% keepable, and also sell organic tampons. We interview the...

EP11: Direct to Consumer: what does it mean for startups and consumers alike?

As a beauty startup, what can we learn from DTC heroes such as Glossier, Allbirds and Warby Parker? What are the challenges with DTC and what are the benefits of wholesale? This week we went for the Sunday Riley facial at Hershesons salon in London! The Ice Lift includes LED and CRYO therapy and is the only place you can get a Sunday Riley facial...