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Tried And Tested: 6 Best Natural Cleansers

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Tried And Tested: 6 Best Natural Cleansers

It’s a well known fact that an effective, reliable cleanser forms the cornerstone of any beauty routine. Without a good cleansing system, how else might we reset our canvases and prepare our skin to absorb all the pricey serums, creams and oils we’ve invested in? It’s hard enough to find the right oil cleanser that won’t break you out, or a micellar water that doesn’t leave you sticky, let alone one that’s also natural. The sad fact is no one really has the time, money or patience these days to test-drive dozens of cleansers in order to find the perfect one. Well, everyone except us (because we’re great like that). Here’s five natural cleansers that we tried and tested – and loved!

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Even after the first wash, I was already impressed, but now after a few weeks of religious use I’m utterly sold. The label says a cleanser, but it’s basically an exfoliating scrub. It has a slight grainy texture along with non-abrasive exfoliating ingredients (like salicylic acid) that work to shift dry skin without feeling harsh or tightening. It’s definitely left my skin visibly brighter and softer and my complexion smoother and more even. I couldn’t help but fall in love – which is unfortunate for my wallet, as it comes around £70 a pop. Nevertheless, a little goes a long way, so no doubt it’ll last. – Elsie Rutterford

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Twelve Beauty Purifying Cleansing Cream

I’m very conscious of pollution and the effects it has on my skin, so recently I’ve been craving a gentle cleanser that will get rid of dirt and grime without stripping away natural oils. This purifying cleansing cream is the answer I’ve been looking for! The product feels ultra light yet nourishing: after washing off, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, and doesn’t dry it out or irritate it even if I’ve double cleansed. What’s even better is that the cleanser lacks a notable fragrance, which to me is an absolute godsend, and has a mix of plant extracts like mallow flower to make this a replenishing and protective treatment as well. No wonder it’s one of Twelve Beauty’s bestsellers. – Dominika Minarovic

Idil Botanicals Rinse Away Oil Cleanser

I have to say: even if the oil cleanser itself was no good, I would have carried on using it anyway. There’s something undeniably alluring about a glossy pink liquid in a sleek frosted glass bottle, something that makes me scramble in desperation for one of my own. You’ll be glad to know, however, that it works as well as it looks. The product flows out as a luscious, silky oil that spreads easily, effortlessly pulling out dirt and melting away makeup with each swipe. The blend of Camellia, Sacha Inchi and Rice Bran oils presents with a curious fragrance that, frankly, I’m not a big fan of, although you eventually get used to it. But the selling point isn’t until the very end, when a splash of water transforms the oil into a milky cleanser that is equal parts nourishing and cleansing, leaving my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. All that and not a muslin cloth to be seen – something that the lazy girl in me loves. – JL

Madara Micellar Water

Like most other French girls, I’m a massive fan of micellar water. Not a day goes by that there is not one on my desk somewhere, but let’s be honest, it’s ideal to lug around 500ml bottles of micellar water with you everywhere. For girls needing a natural yet travel-friendly option, you need to get your hands on the Madara one – it’s packaged in a slim 100ml bottle, so definitely airplane-friendly (woo!)

Now for the actual product. As with most micellar waters, it makes a refreshing first step to my skincare routine, and removes dirt and grime well. Not only does it not leave my skin tight, it doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue or feeling on the skin – which, believe me, some micellar waters do, defeating the purpose of not having to wash your face in the first place. My only gripe would be with the cap, which seems to let the product out a little too generously, but as long as you’re not chucking it everywhere, you’ll be fine. – SG

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Ila Apothecary Soothing Silk Cleanser

Did it live up to the hype? In short, yes. I was really excited to trial this cleanser as my dry skin has been going a little wild with the mix of central heating and freezing temperatures. My skin visibly looked less inflamed after use and felt comfortable, nourished and balanced, the perfect start to any nighttime routine. Its only downfall is that it’s not nearly hefty enough to remove a full face of makeup, even with a double cleanse. However, that’s to be expected with a gentle cream cleanser, so I’d suggest reaching for a swipe of micellar water first to allow this silk cleanser to work magic on bare skin. – HB

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Oilixia Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser

Now this cleanser is fun with a capital F. A firm squeeze of the pastel purple bottle and you’re presented with a goopy, sticky paste that’s surprisingly easy to spread. Its tacky texture means it adheres to dirt well, and as you slowly pat and lift your fingers across your skin you actually feel like it’s ripping the gunk out of your pores. (Oh yes.) It’s also effortless to remove: simply splash with a little water and it turns milky, leaving your skin smelling sweet and so ridiculously soft it makes you want to do it all again, just because.

Pair that with the fact that it’s packed with star ingredients like the gently exfoliating acid and brightening Vitamin C from the Kakadu plum and you’ve got yourself an all-round winner. – JL

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Tried And Tested: 6 Best Natural Cleansers