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Top 3 Tried And Tested Natural Mascaras


Oh, mascara. The things it does for us. It brightens up our eyes, empowers shy, sparse lashes, and gives life to faces that would otherwise suggest a serious lack of sleep (and we mean serious). However, as you all probably know, with great power comes great responsibility – and the same applies here with our trusty wands and no-budge formulas. They’re applied so closely to our eyes that it becomes silly to just settle for less: it’s so important to choose a product that not only takes our lashes to sky-high heights, but also cares for our lashes and are gentle on our eyes.

Thankfully, we have a resident natural mascara expert to share her wisdom: our very own Elsie Rutterford, who’s a massive mascara fan and is never seen without it – ever! Read on to find out her top 3 natural mascara picks of all time…

RMS Natural Mascara

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“This was the first natural mascara I tried when making the switch which meant that it was being directly compared to my trusty Maxfactor with its volumising prowess and all day/night staying power. So perhaps my review was going to be a little unfair, as natural mascaras tend to not stand up very well next to their synthetic counterparts. This isn’t necessarily an issue, in fact it’s a sign that they’re not full of the junk that allows them to stay glued to your lashes for 14 hours straight, but it can definitely take some getting used to. I found the RMS mascara was good for a subtle day look – a hint of length, a coating of black that wasn’t too dramatic and a little volume. Perfect for those ‘I’m not wearing makeup but actually I am’ days. I guess my main drawback with this one was that the look would fade after a while. It doesn’t fall or clump, which is good, but the colour would sort of disappear when not topped up. And if I’m perfectly honest, when it comes to mascara, I’m more of a ‘yes I definitely am wearing mascara, and lots of it’ kinda gal. Overall – a nice everyday mascara for a subtle look.

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara

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I discovered this mascara in Content last year and was definitely the first natural mascara that I’ve been seriously impressed with (see my review at the time). It lengthens and defines, giving a strong fluttery lash look. Not much volume but the length makes up for that – it still leaves an impressive finish. The best thing about the W3LL People mascara is the colours that it comes in. I’ve got blue and purple, which add a touch of drama to an otherwise everyday look, as well as the standard black. My only issue with this one is its staying power. It falls and is easily smudged on the top of the lid too. You basically just have to keep an eye on it – a quick mirror check every few hours should keep it in check.

Kjaer Weis Mascara

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This is a new edition to my makeup bag and has pretty much become my can’t-live-without, desert island product. Finally! A natural mascara that ticks all the boxes! Length? Check. Volume? Check. Deep black colour? Check? Staying power? CHECK! The Kjaer Weis mascara honestly performs as well as everything I used to use, with the added benefit of being certified organic and smelling like a glorious summer’s day. I rarely have to top it up and it works as both a laid back day look or out-out night look. The only draw back? The price. It’s £29 and the tube is pretty small (despite also being super cute and gold). However once you’ve bought your first one, you can then top it up with refills (£21 a pop) which works out a little more cost effective.

– Elsie Rutterford