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3 of our favourite at-home beauty tools


Recently I had a GET ON MY BOOKSHELF moment when I heard a colleague talking about a book called Attached: The new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find and keep love. As well as being in the running for book with the longest title, it also contains some pretty LIT advice about relationship styles if you’re into that kind of thing and well the rest is in the title and I have a word limit. Stay with me, yes you are reading a beauty blog. After a few pages…..ok the synopsis, I quickly identified my relationship style to being that of ANXIOUS, largely due to the fact I’m anxious 99% of the time and have insecurities like every person in the world (or so I like to think).

Said Anxiety is not exclusive to my relationships, even trickling down to my beauty routine (aka my continuous quest for that fresh-faced glow). Said beauty anxiety means I find it hard let any beauty trend pass without feeling a massive case of FOMO so the rise in popularity of at-home beauty tools and gadgets, such as the Clarisonic and its array of rivals,  finally lured me in with their promise of instant fresh-faced glow (to match a well travelled, money-is-of-no-concern Instagram image). A little research showed that technology has advanced and there are new kids on the block peeps, which don’t require any kind of liquid product or ruthless mechanical scrubbing.

Here’s to the fun part, product recommendations that are about to make your spa evenings that much more interesting and possibly scare your boyfriend/dog/insert appropriate organism. So for those of you who are here for some LIFE CHANGING beauty advice rather than a self-help book club, I’ve done the research and summarised my top three must-have beauty tools, so let us commence in no particular order.

Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR® Light Therapy Acne Mask
If you’re thinking what added value could the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask possibly do to my already extensive skincare routine? Well, ‘free of chemicals and UV light, this face mask harnesses the power of clinically proven technology to clear
acne and allow skin to heal itself.’ Neutrogena’s words not mine and pretty bold ones at that but I’m a sucker for anything with a dermatologist stamp of approval and a 98% success rate. So for those of you, who’s skin routine is acne-prone focused (yup), this mask worn like a pair of sunglasses will not only make you look spooky sci-fi chic, while you’re catching up on the latest Netflix series but will also magic away those pesky spots via a bacteria busting Blue Light. You get thirty days worth of masking activity until you need to buy a new activator, so just pop it on after cleansing, let it work its magic for ten minutes and say God bless America or Neutrogena! You decide.

Yu Ling Rollers Jade Roller
While we’ve accepted by now that Asia’s beauty industry is waaaaay more advanced than us as we obsess over all the Korean and Japanese innovative products, this anti-ager comes straight out of ancient China. Like all great Asian inventions, we’re jumping on board the jade roller phenomenon and only wish it had reached our shores a few centuries earlier, so our European ancestors could have lapped up the endless benefits. If you happen to be caught in the act of rolling the adorable jade instrument all over your face you can list off the following reasons why. It helps to improve blood circulation and skin tone, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, eliminate toxins and even tighten and reduce pore size. In other words the DREAM. Best kept in the fridge and used on the regular. For those on a budget The Body Shop has a facial massager version, which has four and a half star reviews, with one very enthusiastic customer claiming it was the “best £8 I ever spent!”

The Dermastamp (For the Eyes)
To address more of our first world problems, such as dark under eyes, we are lucky enough to live in a world where the Dermastamp is a mere click away. During a recent Instagram black hole moment I discovered the New York based renowned skin expert Georgia Louise and her amazing video tutorials. Having not been convinced to go down the puncturing my face with small needles route aka Dermarolling, her Dermastamp tutorial, in comparison, looked like a positively Zen experience. This
clever little appliance features 0.20 mm stainless steel micro-definitive points and allows for a much more targeted approach to the eye and lip area. The science behind this technique is to make tiny wounds to the skin so it grows back thicker, diminishing signs of darkness. Just remember to disinfect it after each use. Very important for obvious reasons…If however this sounds a bit hardcore for your liking, Georgia also incorporates effective lifting and sculpting massage during her legendary facials using the prettiest looking pink crystal you’ve ever seen. Now available for home use, The Lift and Sculpt Butterfly Stone, made from rose quartz, helps to drain away puffiness and toxins, helping to contour the eye area as well as the jaw line, cheek and forehead,
whilst generally looking chic as on your dressing table. Use in conjunction with your favourite oil, turn your phone on airplane mode and take in the stones healing vibrations if nothing else. Emma Stone and Linda Evangelista are said to be fans.
We’re sold.

Poppy Lamb x