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7 Things to do WHILE Face Masking


Whilst giving your skin a prolonged vitamin treatment and intense nourishment boost, we also love doing a face mask at least once a week as it forces you to take 2o mins out of your day to just chill. And whilst this much-needed me-time is often welcomed in a hectic week, if you’re anything like us it can sometimes get a little, well, boring just sat there watching your mask dry.


Whether you’re sporting your fab new Detox Dust or you’ve whipped up your very own superfood face mask, we’ve thrown together eight of our favourite ways to pass those precious minutes whilst you mask is sorting out your skin.

1. Online shopping – I mean it’s the perfect time right…? Maybe not for your bank balance but let’s not think about that. We hear Weekday is coming to the UK next week so get a headstart with their online store, or have a rifle through Finery’s sale.

2. DIY mani and pedi for maximum pampering which  you no doubt deserve after a long week (and potentially heavy Saturday). Our fave nail polish brands are Kure Bazaar for their insane range of shades and Little Ondine for super-fast drying power.

3. To continue the pamper sesh, why not make your very own toner and serum that you can slap on straight after your face mask to leave you feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the spa? If you’re looking for some recipe inspo then check out our Skinfood page, our most recent floral water mist recipe or treat yourself to our book.

4. If you just wanna get your mind out of the world of work and just general life try colouring. Yes, I know this sounds like a 5 year old’s past time but honestly it is SO therapeutic and you literally forget where you are for a good 10 mins whilst trying to keep within the lines (currently colouring this genius colouring cooking recipe book).

5. Watch some good ol’ YouTube – there’s no shame we all love a bit of vlogging, funny cat videos (here’s one of my personal faves) and watching how to make 4 different types of the unhealthiest cheesecake you’ve ever seen (someone please back me up here?).

6. Put a bath on – nothing is better than stepping into a hot bath after a long day, it’ll make you feel like everything is all calm and well. If only we could stay in there forever. To make it extra lush, make your very own nourishing rose, milk and honey bath soak!

7. Take some ugly snapchats and send them to your friends (because we all know this is the sort of entertainment we need in our lives). And whilst you’re at it take a selfie and send it to us with the tag #detoxdust to be in with the chance of winning our next brand spanking new TRIBYBI product to be launched in the next week!

Somehow I don’t think you’ll manage to fit all these activities in space of one face mask sesh but try a few out and let us know which one is your fave!

Natasha x