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This Is How To Do Hygge Right


A little hygge seems like the perfect treat for a time like this, with Christmas now over and work piling higher and higher with every day that passes. It’s hard enough fighting freezing temperatures, let alone finding a good moment of peace amongst the chaos of getting back into a routine. Truth be told, the most me-time we’re likely to get is a an hour or two before bed. So how the heck are we supposed to maximise this?

Enter: hygge. A concept created by our lovely Danish cousins, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) means creating a warm, cosy atmosphere and sharing this with the people around you. The soft cracking of a fireplace, snuggling up on the sofa, hours chatting over great food with family and friends…these all demonstrate hygge. It’s really just finding happiness in the simple things in life – and if you ask us, it’s something we sure could do with to kick off the new year right.

Keep scrolling for CBCO’s guide to getting a little hygge in your life!

Get cosy

The Danish know all to well that nothing beats new PJs and fluffy socks. The best way to submerge yourself in hygge is to get into the most comfortable sleepwear you own and keep yourself warm. We love cruelty-free alpaca wool, but if you were looking for a great vegan alternative, go for bamboo cotton: trust us, it’s a lot softer and lighter than you’d think!

Make the atmosphere

When you hear the word ‘hygge’, think: candles everywhere. It’s a quick and easy way to switch on the relaxing vibe at home (just be careful that you don’t tip them over!) Combine them with a soothing bath et voilà, the start to a perfect evening of hygge. Be sure to also grab a fluffy throw as you saunter over to your favourite spot on the sofa – you’ll need it to keep yourself nice and toasty.

Craft the drinks

Resolutions? What resolutions? At this time of year, hot chocolate is king. It would be an abomination to try and achieve hygge without our trusty mug of warm cocoa – topped with swirls of whipped cream and mini marshmallows, of course.

We also recently wrote a recipe for a cheeky lavender hot chocolate (that’s also vegan!) for our friends over at Bloom & Blossom – now how’s that for an ultra-hygge treat?

Get the girls over

You know what they say: sharing is caring. As much as hygge is about getting cosy in your own home, it’s also about sharing special moments with your loved ones (read: the perfect excuse to call the girls for a sleepover!)

Get bonus beauty points by throwing on a mask as you attempt to throw together a comfort dinner to share. Hint: go for this super easy 15 minute lasagna recipe.

– Jennie Lim + Selena Arroyo