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Squalane: the only beauty oil you’ll ever need

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Squalane: the only beauty oil you'll ever need

Look into the ingredients of the latest best-selling serums and you’ll be sure to find nature’s best selling hit of 2017. This powerhouse oil has been claimed to slow ageing, guard skin against pollutants and hydrate it in seconds. With a repertoire like that, it’s no wonder beauty editors everywhere are raving about its miraculous results left, right and centre.

Your New Holy Grail Oil

Time to grab pen and paper and remember the name squalane. This hero multi-purpose ingredient is the only oil you’ll need to know. Don’t even bother thinking about skin type: it’s perfect for everyone – whether your face is dry, sensitive, oily or acne-prone, as squalane is:

  • hypoallergenic
  • non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging)
  • intensely moisturising
  • and, did we mention, an amazing regulator of oil production

Much like Vitamin E, squalane produces a barrier over the skin, protecting it from environmental stressors that might irritate or damage the skin. Also, speaking of damage: this miracle oil fights against free radicals in skin that are caused by sun exposure, preventing those annoying signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and sun spots.

So how does it work?

Studies suggest that the secret to this hero ingredient goes much deeper than the benefits it brings. According to experts, Squalane works so well because it has a molecular structure that’s very similar to our own skin. This 100% compatibility translates to ultra-fast and deep absorption rates (up to 2mm per second!), and the hydration of an oil without the greasy feel.

Make sure you’re careful not to confuse squalane with its sibling, squalene: an unstable compound extracted from shark liver oil. This oil oxidises so quickly and spoils so fast that there’s no chance of it lasting long enough on the shelves for you to buy it – let alone make it to your dressing table! This is why we love Squalane: hydrogenation processing means it’s way more stable and can last up to two years. What’s better: it’s often derived from botanic sources like olives, rice bran and palm – bonus eco-chic points!

I’m sold! Where can I find it?

If you’ve fallen in love with squalane as much as we have, then why not give these products a run for your money:

– Jennie Lim

Squalane: the only beauty oil you'll ever need