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The Root Diaries: Part Two

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The Root Diaries: Part Two

I’m still growing out my blonde hair and, as promised, am keeping you guys in the loop with my roots’ progress. If you’re new to The Root Diaries, I would suggest going back and reading Part One on Clean Beauty Co so that you have the full story. Hopefully you’ll then understand that I’m not totally bonkers,  I’m just giving my barnet a break after 16 years of bleach-related abuse.

It’s about a month since my last post and I still haven’t caved! I must admit I’ve had fleeting moments where I’ve almost just booked an appointment for a root touch up, or at the very least something to slightly blend the colour. But I’ve set myself the challenge now and that feels like failing, so I’m sticking at it.

Part Two:

Days since last colour: 103

Root length: 5.2cm – my hair’s grown 2cm in a month! Is that a lot? I feel like that’s a lot for me.

Condition: The blonde is starting to dry out a bit around the front which is probably where I blow dry and occasionally straighten, so I’m getting some very trendy looking shorter strands around my face. I’m also finding that I’m much more prone to flyaways and frizz around the top of my head, especially if my hair is tied back. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I’m growing out the colour or just that I’m in need of a good cut?

Look: Very obvious roots. They’re now so prominent that it looks like a deliberate look, if that makes sense? Which I guess is good in a way as I’m hoping that people will think that I’m going for the rock chick/slightly punky black root look rather than assuming that I’ve just let myself go. I don’t always mind it, it doesn’t look as terrible as I imagined but it’s not ideal. It doesn’t look particularly smart or polished which is especially apparent if I’m wearing something dressy. I have a wedding to go to this weekend and am very aware that my hair makes my dress look a little more casual.

There are definitely days where I long for freshly-dyed, bright and fresh locks but I know this is a long game and I’m hoping the improved condition at the end will be worth the wait. Keep following Clean Beauty Co for the next step of the root journey!

– Elsie Rutterford

The Root Diaries: Part Two