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The Root Diaries: Part Three

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The Root Diaries: Part Three

Part three of the root diaries already! So it’s been almost 6 months since I last died my hair- the longest I’ve been without a trip to the colourist for probably like 16 years. I listened to everyone’s advice around regular trims and went for a chop a few weeks ago at Glasshouse. They took quite a lot off but having it this short is beneficial for two reasons: firstly it means it’s in much better condition and secondly the ratio of blonde to roots is a little more equal (by no means actually equal, but there’s definitely less blonde and more root). On the whole, it’s gradually looking better and even the beginning of a dip dye look is on the horizon. It’s at its best with a little movement; if I have a slight wave or it’s in a messy up do then the roots are blended and it almost looks intentional. Poker straight though is not such a great look, nor is a high pony or bun (particularly from the back) which seem to emphasise the contrast more.

I also had to take the plunge and ditch my beloved Rahua when I came to the end of my most recent bottle. This has been my trusty hair brand for years now and I would still totally recommend it for dry, coloured hair, but unfortunately it’s become too heavy for my natural colour at the roots, which means my hair gets greasy within a day. Goodbye Rahua, you’ve been a bottle-blonde’s best friend. Instead I’ve moved to Briogeo’s Be Kind Be Gentle Green Tea Shampoo as I figured it would be a little lighter and I’ve seen them all over Insta recently. So far so good, hasn’t transformed my hair but it certainly feels clean and non-greasy. It’s a pretty lightweight shampoo and just generally feels like my hair gets a good clean. I’ve just picked up a bottle of Madara’s Nourish and Repair Conditioner from Content, on Dominika’s recommendation. She’s recently converted from John Masters and now swears by the stuff, so will keep you posted!


Days since last colour: 170

Root length: 6.5cm – the growth has slowed down a little since my last post.

Condition: Since getting it chopped the condition is SO much better – which is totally obvious – but the flyaways have generally gone. I’m still navigating the greasier roots and dry ends but am hoping the new conditioner purchase will control this.

Look: It’s looking better for sure, especially as it’s shorter now. I’ve also spied a few people rocking the root look recently (hello asos_lotte) could a trend be starting? Was it ME who started it? Lol, no. I guess there are many others who, like me, embarked on the plat-blonde path before realising that there are very few ways to turn back. The actual colour of the blonde at the moment has also faded massively so it’s not as bright as when it was first done, however it’s also looking a little yellow, particularly in contrast with the brown roots. I’m sure at some point I’ll want to get it blended slightly, I’m just really adverse to dying the natural colour at all as that kind of defies the point of growing it out to see my natural colour.

And so I power through! Definitely not the best hair I’ve ever had, but I’m in it for the long game here and so am sincerely hoping that the pain will be worth it.


The Root Diaries: Part Three