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As many of you may be aware, I have struggled with switching to a natural mascara. Everything else came quite easily to me, I even found natural lipsticks and foundations that I was pleased with, but mascara has been a killer. It’s probably because I wear so much of the stuff. Since my teens, blonde hair and lashes have been my thing. I’m a sucker for the long, separated lash look – it makes my eyes look bigger and bluer and just generally makes me feel like me. Sounds weird I know, but beauty routines are mega personal, aren’t they? Long lashes have been part of my look for like 15 years now so I wasn’t ready to give that up when switching to natural.

The trouble is, it’s actually really tough to find a natural alternative that has the staying power of the mainstream alternatives, as well as the lengthening and colouring ability. And, whilst deep down I know that it’s probably not healthy to have a substance stick to your lashes for up to 14 hours straight without budging, I’ve been determined to find something to give my trusted Maxfactor a run for its money (not least because it contains 3 types of paraben and a number of coal tar dyes).

I tried W3LL PEOPLE’s Expressionist mascara from a friend’s recommendation and it’s the closest I’ve come to natural mascara perfection so far.

The good bits:

This is the most impressive I’ve tried so far when it comes to lengthening and separation. My lashes look long, curled and it works well when I apply a few coats. No clumping and the colour is great too. It doesn’t necessarily thicken but the length makes up for that. The staying power is impressive too, it will last a few hours and looks great when topped up.

The bad bits:

It falls a little after a few hours so you get the occasional black specks under the eye which you have to monitor. I’ve also found that the top of my lashes catch my eyebrow bone so I get a few black marks there, but I think that’s because I use a balm on my brows which ends up removing the mascara.


My favourite natural mascara to date and trust me, I’ve tried a few. Whilst it doesn’t last as long as a non-natural, you get a good few hours and it’s definitely the most impressive when it comes to length and colour. If you’re happy to top-up a little every now and then, it’s winner. It even comes in blue and purple if you’re the experimenting type.