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Review: Inika Organics Long Lash Mascara

Good news guys: I've finally found the dream natural mascara and it doesn't cost the earth! Inika's Long Lash mascara is the best mascara I've tried for a long time. Read on to find out why.

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Review: Inika Organics Long Lash Mascara

Natural makeup is generally hard to do. Achieving the colours and staying power of the high street brands is tough when you aren’t using the synthetic colourings, stabilisers, thickeners and preservatives. Historically natural makeup has been dull colours that’ll last all of 30 minutes before fading off your lips or melting down your face. Luckily, things have really started to change over the past couple of years and we’re seeing some amazing innovation coming from the likes of RMS, Ilia, W3ll People, Juice and more.

Mascara, in my eyes (excuse the pun), is one of the hardest products to nail. Trust me, I’ve tried what feels like every natural mascara under the sun and most brands haven’t cracked it. There are just so many contributing factors to a great mascara; colour obviously but consistency is also key – non-flakey, non-clumpy, not too thin but not too thick. On top of that, it needs to last the day or it’s just not practical. Achieving all of that with naturally derived ingredients is tough, after all most of those premises in themselves are not natural.

The hunt for the seemingly impossible has been going on since I went natural around 4 years ago but in the last year things have started looking up. It all started with discovering W3LL People’s Expressionist Mascara (reviewed here); a really decent product with good lash coverage and Ok staying power. I then discovered Kjaer Weis which was even better (read about it here); hugely impressive effects in terms of both length and volume with the ability to last the day, but a little expensive.

And then someone recommended Inika Organics Long Lash mascara. I must admit, I tried a foundation of theirs a while back and wasn’t overly impressed, so I was dubious to try the Long Lash. But the recommendation came from a trusted source so I decided to take the risk. Luckily I did, because this is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried, not exclusive to the natural category.

The first thing to say about this mascara is it really lives up to its name; my lashes look LONG. After a couple of coats the effect is dramatic and impressive, it gives super length which is great (the only downside being they can be so long that the ends sometimes catch and rub off on my lids, but I can deal with that). You can see in the snap below – one eye with and one eye without, it’s clear to see that the Long Lash adds a decent amount of length. We’re not talking spider lashes though, they are separated but not overly so, pretty but natural.

Along with the length, the volume is also good. My lashes look thick and plump, just the right amount of drama and perfect for a day time look.  If you want to transition to a more dramatic night look then keep layering the stuff on – it’s easy to achieve a glamorous smokey eye.

Finally, and possibly the best bit, this stuff lasts. I’ve currently been wearing it all day and it’s still in place; no flakes, no crumbling, no black smears. Not only that, but the actual effect hasn’t change either, I find with the Kjaer Weis one that my lashes will kind of fade throughout the day but with Long Lash they’re looking perky 10 hours later.

The only downside is that it’s a little messy to apply. I’m not sure if it’s the wand or the actual product itself, but it’ll often get onto my lids and I have to tidy with a cotton bud, despite being extra careful with application. But you know what? I can live with that, because I’ve finally found a mascara that comfortably out-performs my once beloved MaxFactor.







Left eye with, right eye without.

Elsie Rutterford x






Review: Inika Organics Long Lash Mascara