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What Really Happens in a CBCo Workshop?


You guys hear us chat a lot about our workshops and for good reason – for us it’s an amazing way to spend a few hours chatting clean beauty with a bunch of total babes. But what really happens in a CBCo workshop? We wanted to give you a little peek into what our workshops are really like by answering some FAQs and bringing you a little insight from those that have joined us and taken part.

Here’s a few things you might not have known:

  • Our workshops are for everyone – you don’t have to have an interest in natural skincare or a background in formulation. If you have a love for beauty and want the best for your skin then join us. You don’t need any prior knowledge of making skincare, but equally if you do have a experience in mixing up bespoke products why not come along to pick up a couple of new tips and tricks?
  • You get the chance to tailor each of your creations so it’s suitable for your skin type. If you have dry, sensitive, oily, acne-prone or dull skin, we talk you through ingredients that can help then let you experiment with your own products. We’re pretty sick of one-size-fits-all skincare; nobody’s skin is the same and we think everyone deserves the luxury of bespoke beauty products. So whatever your skin type, there’ll be something for you.
  • There are around 15-20 in each class so it’s a pretty intimate affair and when you’re not busy creating killer products, you can throw pretty much any question at us and we’ll take a shot at answering. We get asked all sorts – from recommendations on mascara/shampoo/foundation to our favourite essential oil or what we’d suggest to treat spots.
  • You get to take all of your products away with you, as well as the formulations so you can make them again at home AND a goodie bag filled with treats from our favourite healthy brands.
  • We ask you to personalise the name of each of your products and let you use our handy label gun to leave your stamp (see above snap). We assess all the names at the end of class and a prize goes to the best one – we often judge by the most creative/clever/hilarious/witty/a little bit naughty.
  • We make you wear hair nets and everyone gets mega excited about how good they look in them (kinda).

But don’t just take our word for it…we asked a couple of our alumni a few cheeky questions to dish the dirt…

Maria Stanford, clean beauty convert and total babestation:

CBCo: Describe the workshop in 3 words:

MS: Informative, inspirational, fun!

CBCo: What was the best bit:

MS: I loved learning about the different properties of different ingredients, like that frankincense has historically been used for anti-aging and that the caffeine in coffee grains can be used a stimulant for your skin and can help as an exfoliator. Also coming up with clever names for our new beauty products was hilarious.

CBCo: Most useful learning you took away:

MS: That you can make your own beauty products using stuff you might already have in your cupboards, like coconut oil, used coffee grains and fresh fruit. Be creative and imaginative, but inform yourself too. Oh and also that most products last up to 6 months and contact with water will draw the use by date nearer.

Danielle Plange, health fanatic, trend guru and all-round natural beauty:

CBCo: Describe the workshop in three words…

DP: Fun, Informative, Inspirational ← this is not a set-up, they genuinely both used the same three words!!

CBCo: What was best bit?

DP: My best bit was marveling over my four finished creations, over a glass of prosecco and some really tasty treats!

CBCo: Most useful learning tool you took away?

DP: realised just how easily I could make my own natural beauty products, from the comfort of my own home.  My new hair oil is my favourite thing in my bathroom at the moment.  I have incredibly hard to manage hair and have spent a small fortune on hair oils over the years, all of which contain unnecessary chemicals and are nowhere near as effective as the one I created at the Clean Beauty Co. workshop.


Our next workshops run on Saturday 18th Feb 2017 and Saturday 18th March 2017. Head to to book your spot.