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Quick Reviews: Balm Balm Starter Kit


Balm Balm was one of the first natural brands we discovered when we started our natural journey. Stocked in Fabled and brand founder also owns Love Lula, we’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the female entrepreneur inspo Sonia in person.

We received the starter kit for the Balm Balm range and with an impending holiday, I was keen to take away the travel friendly samples. In the kit is a Super Light Coconut Cleanser, Rose Floral Water, Rosehip Serum, Hibiscus Face Mask and a lovely cotton muslin cloth.

Balm Balm 100% Organic Beauty Balm

The kit covered all my cleansing, toning and moisturising needs. I also mixed a spritz of rose water with the powder hibiscus mask to have a quick, on the go face mask fix which worked a treat. All products are 100% certified organic which is a real coup for beauty, but the downside is that some of the formulations are very simple, some containing only one ingredient. From my skincare, I prefer more complex, high performance formulations.

Balm Balm 100% Organic Hibiscus Face Mask

However, for sensitive skins or those yearning to embrace a totally organic lifestyle, then Balm Balm’s range of certified organic and cruelty free skincare is a great option. It’s sure to be non-irritating whilst fulfilling your cleansing and moisturising needs.

– Dominika Minarovic