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The Perfect Bath Time Ritual Looks Like This

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The Perfect Bath Time Ritual Looks Like This

If we were to be honest with ourselves, bath time is quite the major affair. Who ever thought suspending humans in warm water would prove to be a miracle stress-reliever, energy-rejuvenator and even mind-opener (you’ll be surprised by the things people think of in the shower!) It’s a wonder why nobody taught us how to take a bath – like, properly, from prep-work, to what to do in the bath itself and how to deal with the aftermath of it all. Nevertheless, as lovers of baths ourselves, we can vouch that all this hullabaloo is well worth it. Done right, you’ll come to realise that a perfect, relaxing bath is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.

So let’s jump right to it. Here’s how to make and take the perfect bath:

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Shower first?

Yes, I know, I know. It sounds strange, but the thought of diving straight into a bath after a long day of uni, work and running errands makes me cringe: I can’t relax when I know I’ll be sitting in a puddle of my own sweat and grime for almost an hour. So first, I shower. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to slough off any dead skin so that the layers underneath have the freedom to absorb all that bath salt goodness I’ll be putting in the water later.

Time to reach for that body polish – or even your favourite dry body brush if you’re dying to just slip into the waters!


I don’t know about you, but I don’t get into baths just to sweat my socks off. Everyone knows baths are much more relaxing when they’re warm – experts say a good rule of thumb is around your body temperature, 37ºC. Any hotter than that and you’ll be stripping your skin of its natural oils, leaving you with irritated, unhappy skin.

Now this is when getting bath temperatures just right becomes an art. We recommend using an elbow or a wrist to test the water instead of hands, as hands are more resistant to high heat than the rest of our arms. Don’t bother using a thermometer – they’re too fragile to have rolling around in the bathroom.


Now we all know a good bath consists of not only the right temperature, but also lovely scents, bubbles and pretty colours.  There’s options for everyone whether you prefer a bath milk, bath salts or my favourite: bath bombs! I love breaking up bath bombs as the water runs – they’re so pretty! Whatever you go for, aim for products filled with good ingredients for your skin or infused with essential oils that will help you relax to nirvana. Also, don’t forget to give your bath a good sprinkle of dried flowers too, if that’s your thing.


So. Your bath is ready, the smell of lavender is wafting around in the air and you’re ready to dive right in…except you have those bright electric bulbs glaring down at you from above. There’s something hypnotically relaxing about lounging in warm water in candlelight, so I suggest popping some of your favourite candles around the bathroom and flicking off those harsh overhead lights.

Spoil yourself

Since you’re probably going to be in the bath for a while, why not give your skin some TLC? Call me biased, but I love BYBI’s Detox Dust, which is fantastic at drawing out all the impurities from the day but also gentle enough for sensitive skin. This mask can be mixed with everything, so feel free to be creative: mix it with your cleanser, a little yoghurt, or even just water. If you want something more moisturising then mix some yogurt, honey or aloe vera, which will gently detox your skin and hydrate it all at once!

Also, I really hope you didn’t forget the snacks. If you’re like me, you can’t stay in one place for more than 10 minutes without wanting to do something else, so bring some things to entertain yourself with. Read that book you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Make a cuppa and bring in some snacks. You could even be a cheeky and pour yourself a glass – we’ve just heard that one of the world’s best sparkling wines is just £8!


Finishing touches

The secret to knowing when to get out of the bath lies in your fingers and toes. Are they’re getting all wrinkly and prune-like? That’s a tell-tale sign that bath time is (sadly) over. As much as we wish we were mermaids, it’s never good to stay in the bath for too long as it dries out your skin and damages its outer layers.

Worry not – the pampering does not stop here. Once you’re out and all dried off, it’s the perfect time to moisturise. I say, go for a super luxurious body moisturiser, and then a potent body oil to lock in all that moisture.


Itching for your next bath-time session already? It’s time to get creative with our DIY customisable bath salts recipes!

– Selena Arroyo & Jennie Lim


The Perfect Bath Time Ritual Looks Like This