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Here Are Our (Beauty) Resolutions of 2017


Ah, January. A time of resolutions, self-reflection and promises to be better in the upcoming year (at least, we hope so). As we look back, we wish we could say we thoroughly spoilt ourselves and our skin, but sadly we didn’t. In fact the opposite was true, if you took into consideration how much chocolate we consumed across the festive season (insert guilty face here).

So here’s to better self-care, healthier choices and a lot more me-time as we welcome in the start of the new year. Read on to discover what Team CBCO have got on their New Year’s (beauty) resolutions for 2018…

Dominika Minarovic

“In 2018, I want to take more time for my skin. Running a business (albeit a skincare business!) leaves me with little time to pamper, but I really notice the difference in my skin when I double cleanse, tone and mask. I am really loving the Nurse Jamie facial roller and want to find the time to use it daily!”

Elsie Rutterford

“My 2018 skincare resolution is twofold—”

“First: I’d love to mask more. Masking is so great for both a nutrient hit for the skin and to take some time out for yourself. Things are always a million miles an hour when you’re running a startup and living in London so it’s really important to have some off time, and what better chance than when you’re pampering your skin too. We have some pretty exciting launches coming up from BYBI this year so masking will be easier than ever…watch this space!”

“Second: I want to mix it up more. My makeup routine gets a little repetitive, I’m a creature of habit when I find something I like. 2018 is about experimentation for me, inspired by the makeup insta scene I want to discover new brands and rock new shades of lippie, eyeshadows, highlighters and more.”

Hannah Bennett

“I would love it if 2018 was the year I finally conquered my seasonal skincare changes! Being a total beauty junkie I own a healthy stash of cleansers, serums, facial oils, moisturisers – the lot! Yet I never quite nail the transition from the warmth to the brrrrr and vice versa. My eczema-prone skin goes a little off the rails as soon as the cold kicks in and can then become oily due to not easing up on richer winter products.”

“My aim is to achieve healthier skin by improving my routine, swapping products in and out rather than one after the other.”

Jennie Lim

“My aim this 2017? To just simplify. As much as I love long-winded Korean skincare routines, I’ve definitely out-grown 10-step routines (fyi, my record is actually 19 products) and I’m looking to downsize – both in terms of products used and time required. 2018 is set to be all about multi-purpose skincare and I’m totally ready for it.”

Selena Arroyo

“This year is the year that I want to focus on making my body glow. When I get out of the shower I’m usually too cold (most of the time just lazy) to put on oil and body lotion, but this year I want to start doing it daily to keep my skin moisturised. I have my eye out on some Evolve products, specifically their body butter! It looks amazing.”

“Also, I want to switch at least 90% of my body and face skincare to natural or organic products. When I first starting using BYBI, I noticed such a change in my skin (read: less acne) that I definitely want to stick to using products that are better for my skin.”

Sophie Giely

“As each year takes a piece of my youth away, I find myself falling deeper in love with clean cosmetics. 2017 marked my quest in finding the perfect organic mascara: granted, it was not easy, but I’ve finally found it ladies! Just look to the Avril Certified Organic Mascara.”

“This year is set to be even more challenging as I search for the natural eyeliner. My eyes are very sensitive, and I swear nothing lasts longer than 10 minutes on these eyelids, so wish me luck!”

– Team CBCO