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The Best Multipurpose Products

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The Best Multipurpose Products

Every year, people surprise me with all sorts of resolutions. Of course, the presence of the classics are ever inevitable – eat healthier, read more, travel more, save more – but it’s the obscure that I look forward to the most. I’ve had friends vow to eat more donuts (yes, more),  and to, uh, not make any resolutions. Sadly I’m not nearly as eccentric, but if you knew me then you’d know that my resolution for 2018 is as revolutionary as I’ll ever get. You see, this year I’m aiming to simplify my skincare. That means goodbye 20-step skincare routine (weep).

It’s going to be a hell of a tough journey, but thankfully the beauty gods have blessed us with a myriad of multipurpose products guaranteeing to save our shelves and our purses. Perhaps we can finally stop buying all those lip products we don’t need???

Read on for the top multipurpose products we can’t get over!

Ilia Cucumber Water Stick

Handbag, meet your new best friend. This cooling stick is a must-have for that quick shot of hydration on dry seasonal days. Because it turns watery when applied on the skin, it makes a great makeshift toner or essence on the go– perfect for all you jetsetters. With cucumber pulp and aloe, it’s also ideal for sensitive skin, and not to mention this will definitely be a lifesaver come summer when we’ll all be boiling in our offices. Win!

Dr Bronners Tea Tree Castille Liquid Soap

Not only is this an amazing cleanser, it also doubles as a natural body wash that won’t irritate your skin. It can be used as shampoo, a natural laundry detergent, or even as toothpaste on the go! (Trust us, it’s on the label.) It also comes in a variety of sizes that can be based off your budget, so it won’t break the bank!

BYBI Prime Time

A classic choice. Who needs an exfoliator and cleanser when you have a polish with fruit acids and gently buffing jojoba beads that transforms into a milk once water is added? We especially love that it comes in two sizes: the larger 60ml is a definite bathroom essential, while globetrotters will love the airplane-friendly 30ml that lasts long enough for any hefty trip.

Vapour Beauty Aura Classic Blush

This is the ultimate 3 in 1! If you’re a fan of cream products I definitely recommend this. You can place it on your cheeks after applying foundation for a nice flush. Then apply to lips for the ultimate YLBB (your lips but better) and lastly, your eyelids for a super fast shadow that looks like you took forever to do. If you’re into natural, subtle makeup who doesn’t like to spend too much on makeup then give this a go!

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

We’ve moved on a long way from our then obsession with matcha. The latest technology is bringing beauty back to its roots and in skincare that means probiotics! Probiotic products are infused with various strains of good bacteria, with the aim of rebalancing skin that has been stripped of its natural bacterial economy. The mist can be applied basically anywhere on your skin, and reviews of using this mist for a couple of weeks have people claiming their skin cleared up, their hair could go longer without washing and some no longer required deodorant. If you’re interested in trying out probiotic skincare, head for this one first.

– Jennie Lim & Selena Arroyo

The Best Multipurpose Products