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Is This London’s First Clean Nail Bar?

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Is This London's First Clean Nail Bar?

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If there was ever one area in clean beauty that appears a little iffy, it’s the nails department. Considering the fact that nail polishes are, by nature, man-made polymers, it’s practically level Mission Impossible to create a fully-natural manicure. That is, without going all Ming Dynasty in our kitchens and ending up with egg whites on our nails – which, (a) is a legit ancient nail polish formula, and (b) definitely isn’t going to last longer than 5 minutes.

Thankfully, with the rise of awareness in clean ingredients, more and more brands are coming out with clean nail polish options (yay!). From 5-free to 7-free to even 9-free formulas quickly permeating the market, it’s a wonder why nail salons haven’t made room on their shelves for these heroes. After all, we shouldn’t have to choose between compromising our clean values for a cheeky little manicure!

There is one place, however, that proves itself an exception: sat on a corner off busy Baker Street, the first standalone clean nail and beauty bar in central London. Going by the apt name of Le Fix Natural Beauty Bar, it’s run by the lovely Alina and her team of expert nail-technician-slash-makeup-artists. The concept store sits inside The Koppel Project building, all glass and sleek wood, with shelves packed full of cult natural beauty.

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Naturally, when they got in touch, our co-founders Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic were more than happy to offer up their paws for preening.

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Come that very Friday afternoon, our co-founders were relaxing in the open salon, pampered by the full gel manicure service. Their nails were shaped, buffed and conditioned, cuticles gently pushed back and neatened, before the technicians threw in an aromatherapy hand massage for good measure.

The salon is a big advocate of Jessica soak-off gel polishes, which also happen to be 7-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

Le Fix Natural Beauty Bar Review

Elsie went for a luxe dark red polish, while Dom opted for a natural pink – with a twist! The technician use a special chrome powder to top off two of her fingers, creating a mesmerising mirror-like effect.

Regarding her thoughts, Elsie had plenty of compliments for the little beauty bar. “It’s so refreshing to finally find an eco-conscious nail bar in London! The Le Fix experience was amazing – from an incredibly knowledgable team through to a killer location and and uber trendy co-working type venue. I’m very impressed!”

Founder Alina is super passionate about natural beauty and her wealth of knowledge shows the minute you strike up a conversation. “Le Fix was born from my own struggles with finding a comprehensive range of clean and safe skincare, makeup and beauty services that would deal with my very sensitive skin.”

“I suffer from hereditary hypothyroidism which means my vital hormone regulating organ is under-active. That, unfortunately, comes with a bouquet of skin conditions affected by slower metabolism. That naturally led me to research the products I put on my skin – be it skincare, makeup, haircare, nail polishes and, consequently, try to eliminate any harsh irritants and synthetic, often in danger to be contaminated by carcinogenic elements, cheap “filler” ingredients.”

“Plus, I felt like lots of beauty retailers nowadays aren’t properly catering to what we call an “informed” customer (someone who reads their labels) as well as those that are currently dealing with severe skin conditions and health problems and are thus medically restricted.”

“That’s why I started the Le Fix platform, with hopes of expanding into more Natural Beauty Bar locations and a soon to be re-launched retail website for those that would like to find their next beauty “fix” in our toxic free, effective, natural beauty space!”

Looks like the stamp of approval has been given! Be right back while we book our next appointment…

– Jennie Lim

Le Fix Natural Beauty Bar offers toxic free manicures, makeup, brow, lash and hair styling services! If you’re in need of some good ol’ pampering, head on over to the Le Fix website and enter the code “CBCO” in the Booking Notes section to get 15% off your first treatment!

Alternatively, just give them a ring on 020 3086 8930. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook too!

Is This London's First Clean Nail Bar?