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Sustainability at Xmas, how to be festive AND environmentally responsible


We run through a round up of BYBI's event The Susty Summit 4: Have Yourself a Susty Little Christmas.

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Tune in to hear our tips on having a sustainable Christmas without losing the magic (it’s easier than you think). With consumption rising by 30% in the UK over Christmas time, £700m spent on unwanted presents and a staggering 17.2m Brussels sprouts thrown away, it can be a wasteful time of year. But with a little thought behind your festivities, is it possible to be environmentally responsible at Christmas time? Yes!

We share our Christmas facts and hacks across food, decorations, gifts and more to give you tangible and actionable points to use during your 2019 festive period. Simple tips such as how to spot if wrapping paper is recyclable and ideas on more environmentally friendly gifting ideas. Merry Christmas everyone!


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Read the BYBI Susty Summit 4 roundup here: https://bybi.com/blogs/journal/how-to-have-yourself-a-susty-little-christmas

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