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How eco are your ingredients? Recap of the BYBI Susty Summit


We recap the very first BYBI Susty Summit, which was held at BYBI HQ in London, all about the ingredients used in beauty and their impact on the environment.

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The BYBI Susty Summit is a regular event series dedicated to sustainability in beauty, personal care and beyond. Sustainability is a hugely positive yet hugely broad term that right now lacks clear definitions and guidelines. As consumers, our purchases are increasingly being driven by a want for better environmental impact, but a lack of clear information can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed and not really knowing where to start.

The BYBI Susty Summit will tackle a sustainable subject at a time, with the aim to provide you with an open, transparent and honest picture and arm you with as much information as possible to help you make your purchasing decisions.

We’ll open up about what we’re doing at BYBI, give you the chance to ask us questions and most importantly, speak to a room full of people who are truly passionate about making change for the better.

We kicked off our Susty Summits with a deep dive into ingredients. There’s a lot of emphasis put on packaging in beauty but have you stopped to think about the ingredients inside that recycled plastic tube and their impact on our environment? We talked about natural vs synthetic ingredients, palm oil and what you should look out for on an ingredient label. We’ll also cover the work we’re doing on assessing and auditing our ingredients here at BYBI.

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Head to bybi.com for details on the next event.