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Formula Botanica’s Lorraine & Gemma chat scaling a community and running a remote business


We interview Lorraine Dallmeier, director of, and Gemma Ortega-Perez, Relationship Manager at Formular Botanica, the world's leading accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School.

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We’re both Formula Botanica graduates – we took their Natural Skincare Formulation diploma at the beginning of the Clean Beauty Insiders journey and found it a great basis for starting BYBI. Formula Botanica has over students in countries and are a multi-million pound business. Their community growth and engagement is phenomenal.

In this episode we interview Lorraine and Gemma to hear more about how they’ve scaled, how they manage a remote team and why they think it’s important to study in your field as you start a business.

Tune in if you’re an entrepreneur interested in studying or growing your community, or a beauty consumer who wants to know more about why we should understand what’s in our beauty products.

Formula Botanica: