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Beauty PR guru Sarah Humphries interview, plus Elsie & Dominika take Sephora Australia!


We have the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Humphries, Director of Sarah Humphries PR which is one of the best known boutique PR agencies based in Sydney.

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Sarah talks us through her journey – from working in PR in London to taking over her own agency in Sydney and gives us her advice on how to approach PR as a startup brand. Sarah has a wealth of experience and Sarah Humphries PR boasts clients such as Lanolips, Slip and The Beauty Chef.

We’ve also been in Sydney to launch BYBI into Sephora! We share everything we learned about the Australian beauty market and launching with Sephora – from how to prep for press days to why as a founder, you’re your brand’s best asset.

Sarah Humphries Agency

Nimble Activewear

The Beauty Chef