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Elsie & Dominika chat openly and honestly about all things beauty and business in their Podcast. Tune in for lively debates and standout guests, as the co-founders of natural and vegan skincare brand BYBI Beauty dish the dirt on the industry from the inside.


Bambi Does Beauty interview, plus our thoughts on Milk Makeup and Drunk Elephant

From becoming an Instagram skincare sensation to writing for Glamour Magazine and being signed to Premiere Model Management, Elle shares her top tips on making it as a full time Influencer. We also catch up after a few weeks travelling to discuss our thoughts on Drunk Elephan'ts $1bn valuation and Milk Makeup's launch in the...


Veganuary in beauty – how to do vegan skincare

Veganism isn't exclusive to sweet potato brownies and oat milk lattes, vegan skincare is one of the fastest growing categories in beauty right now as people turn away from animal derived ingredients and by-products in both their food and beauty products. In episode 5, we explore the definition of vegan beauty, the non-vegan skincare ingredients to...


What we learned about running a business in 2018

We have learned SO much this year so this episode is dedicated to helpful snippets of business info that we think every entrepreneur should know. A short, punchy episode to see out the year, we share the worts and all reality of running a beauty brand in 2018 from finding short term cash to how long it really takes to close a fundraise. Bird...


Best Beauty Products of 2018 & 2019 Trends

What does 2019 have in store for beauty? Tune in to hear our forecast for the hottest beauty trends next year, including sustainability and our take on CBD in skincare. We kick off this week's show sharing our current favourite podcasts, discussing a new-found love for reading and calling out London's most eco-friendly borough! Show...


Waste at Christmas

With 108 million rolls of wrapping paper said to be thrown away by Britons alone at Christmas, there's no doubt that this time of year is a strain on our environment. We dive into our take on some of the bad practices in our industry and beyond, with excessive, wasteful and single-use packaging at the core, and give our opinion on the choices we...


Wedding beauty special! Our skincare, body, hair and makeup prep for our big days

Clean Beauty Insiders is brought to you by BYBI - bybi.com cleanbeautyinsiders.com Face Sunday Riley Facial at Heshesons - https://www.hershesons.com/stores/salons/berners-street/ Gua Sha - https://www.joliebeauty.com/yin-your-skin-by-katja-kokko-gua-sha-facial-tool Katjo Koko - https://katjakokko.com/ Nurse Jamie Roller -...


Fashion Revolution’s Sarah Ditty on sustainability in fashion and what you can do

Sarah has a wealth of experience in fashion and sustainability, with a career spanning over 10 years before she helped find Fashion Revolution following Fashion is the third highest polluting industry in the world and yet less than 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled. There is a lot of work to do to tackle the issues we now face...


How eco are your ingredients? Recap of the BYBI Susty Summit

The BYBI Susty Summit is a regular event series dedicated to sustainability in beauty, personal care and beyond. Sustainability is a hugely positive yet hugely broad term that right now lacks clear definitions and guidelines. As consumers, our purchases are increasingly being driven by a want for better environmental impact, but a lack of clear...


We interview tampon brand Dame founders, plus CBD legislation and our hiring struggles

Billions of plastic tampon applicators get thrown away each year and cannot be recycled, an environmental issue that has largely been ignored - until now. Dame have created the first reusable tampon applicator, which is medical grade with self-sanitising technology, easy to use and 100% keepable, and also sell organic tampons. We interview the...