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Let’s talk in house formulation

On S2EP2 of the podcast we dived deep into 'In house formulation'

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In house formulation

This topic of conversation was really spurred on by a big piece of research that we’ve just conducted around the products that you guys want to see from us. We thought the information and data that we gathered was so interesting that it was worth sharing. We will be sharing BYBI’s NPD (New Product Development) process with you!

We actually do things quite differently here at BYBI. Traditionally within the beauty industry, brands would not necessarily formulate everything in house. But for us in house formulation was incredibly important and allowed us to have direct control over what we wanted to produce. If we come up with an idea we can work on that directly with our in house chemist. 

A lot of brands within the industry do not formulate their products in house, what usually happens is that they will come up with a concept and brief a third party manufacturer who will work with their chemists to come up with a formula. This results in that manufacturer owning the NPD process. This method can work very well if you are a small brand and cannot afford to bring in your own chemist.

For BYBI we chose not to work with a third party manufacturer so that we could have complete control over our manufacturing process, in order to ensure sustainability and innovation. Working with third party manufacturers often results in lack of transparency in where ingredients are sourced, how they are sourced and the actual manufacturing process. 

Working with large scale manufacturers can mean that there are a number of brands using that service and that usually results in each brand being fed the same information and using the same basic formulas, but with changes per client.

We also saw cost benefits to in house formulation. When using a manufacturer for a ‘full service’ option, this is not usually broken down and you cannot see where the cost is coming from. As we formulate in house we are able to have direct contact with raw ingredient suppliers and negotiate prices and also have full visibility. 

When we started our brand we first hired a chemist and sourced our own lab space (Open Cell). Our NPD Manager, Chloe, and our Chemist, Anthonia, work from there to create all the BYBI goodies. They will create formulas to a perfect standard and then hand it over to our manufacturers.

Another benefit to in house formulation is that we can listen to what you as the customer want! We have definitely taken on all your lovely suggestions, so keep an eye on BYBI.com.

The most important thing as a brand and also as a consumer is understanding the NPD process. We have chosen to bring our formulations in house but it is important to do what best suits you as a business owner/brand.


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In house formulation