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Lavender: DIY Ingredient Spotlight


Lavender is one of the most effective, safest and easy to use ingredients for your DIY journey. It’s available in so many forms so widely, that it’s worth familiarising yourself with its properties and where you can apply it into the products you make at home: for scent, for holistic benefits and for efficacy.

Lavandula, or lavender, is commonly grown across Europe and the Mediterranean. It’s a sustainable and safe plant to harvest. Some surprising uses for lavender?

  • Lavender essential oil makes an excellent bug repellent. Mix in with a carrier oil and spritz all over.
  • Helps heals acne by inhibiting the production of bacteria that causes the actual breakout, regulates sebum production and helps to heal acne scars.
  • Great for pain relief particularly muscle tension and in regular massage, can help alleviate joint pain
  • The relaxing effect of the aroma of lavender helps aid sleep and decrease stress, and has been known to help with anxiety

Dried lavender, lavender floral water and lavender essential oil are some easy to find ingredients to include in your skincare regime. The floral water can be used as a face toner, air freshener or pillow spray. You can add dried lavender to your bath for its relaxing properties and lavender essential oil can be used to fragrance your cosmetics.

Our favourite recipes with lavender? Our Soothing Facial Scrub and Relaxing Foot Soak.

Happy lavender-ing x