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Acti-Labs – the Indie Parisian Foundation: A Review


As a woman who claims to not wear foundation – instead, sticking to my “skin first” motto –I seem to own a lot. Thirteen to be exact, largely due to my insatiable desire to spend money on niche, fashion or beauty related trends that I don’t need (currently craving the perfect pair of red tassel earrings) and on the odd night out when I decide to do a full face of makeup.

Long seen as the holy grail of all makeup products, it’s no easy task finding the perfect base that seamlessly diminishes blemishes and gives that flawless finish we so crave – or for us girls in the organic makeup sphere at least, where silicon (a.k.a. the chemical that makes products go on smooth) is a big no-no.

Enter mineral makeup, which is generally associated with heavy, chalky textures in powder form. In the age where commercial rockets are being made to take people to outer space for their alternative holidays, however, technology has also advanced in the mineral makeup domain. Hooray! Newer lighter liquid formulas are available, still free of talc, perfume, dye and lots of other unhealthy additions found in traditional cosmetics.

Not being one to keep a beauty secret, for those of you chicas in the market for a great mineral makeup line that is neither Bare Minerals nor Jane Iredale, you’re in for a treat with what Acti-Labs have to offer. Acti-Labs? My reaction exactly on discovering this little know brand after complimenting an ‘in-the-know’ colleague on her flawless complexion one day.

So here’s the low-down: Acti-Labs used to supply top salons with white labelled products straight from their Parisian laboratories, but have now moved on to develop a plethora of their own amazing beauty line. The brand is only available through representatives, but the lack of a middle man means they come at very reasonable prices. I signed up immediately and because of my spending issues mentioned above, ordered too many products to mention here.

I had long given up on moisture-sucking, soul-destroying foundations, due to the fact they actually made my skin look worse. I had resigned myself to never reaching the elusive juxtaposition of a finding a base that would make my face look matte yet dewy in all the right places. That is, until Acti-Labs HD Liquid Foundation arrived in all of its glory. A magical fluid, swirling with promises to tame acne, calm redness and supply full coverage, and infused with ingredients that sound like you’re reading off an organic drinks menu (green tea, calendula, chamomile, cornflower, linden, vitamin E and St, John’s Wort).

The overall effect it gave my skin is quite frankly b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, also transferring to photos (just as important FYI). Gone are the days of foundation settling into my fine lines and illuminating my sometimes bumpy forehead. The shiny look with a side of dry patches on my face, no more. Hello, plump, dewy skin that lasts a solid 14 hour work day!

I urge you to buy this very reasonably priced product, apply a thin layer, feel the feels and be ready to receive A LOT of compliments. Tell your friends because it’s nice to be nice. Smile at yourself in the mirror and know that you are now part of an exclusive club, akin to the NASA of makeup.

Time to clear out my defunct foundation drawer once and for all.

– Poppy Lamb