This snap was taken TWO YEARS ago today (😱) and is of our first full time day on the business. We had both just walked away from our jobs in advertising to pursue our dream. It’s a scary decision to quit the day job, here’s our advice:

🤔You will just know when the time is right. For us, it was when the day job and the dream job became too much to handle side by side. Clean Beauty had gained momentum and our day jobs were demanding. In the end it felt like we were doing a shit job at both, rather than bossing what we really cared about. That was the make or break moment: make Clean Beauty a hobby or a career? Together we decided on the latter.

💰Make sure you’ve thought things through financially. We’d both saved enough to live off for a year without needing to draw a salary from the business. This meant that we both felt comfortable knowing we had that security but also that the early business decisions we made weren’t influenced by our personal need for a salary so could be a little more considered. Also for all of you co-founders: we agreed to save the same amount and start the business on equal footing from the off.

💸Make sure you’ve identified where the revenue will come from. You don’t need to be generating revenue, but being sure that your business at least has the potential to make money is pretty key. For us we had the early stages of BYBI mapped out and incoming revenue from our book/workshops. If you can’t identify revenue then it’s probably not quite a fully fleshed out business idea and the most sensible thing to do is keep chugging on with the day job while you figure out how you’re gonna gonna make the moola.

🤷‍♀️Ask yourself if you’re ready to: have no work/life balance, embark on regular emotional rollercoasters and, even if you run a beauty brand, develop under-eye bags that will probably never go.

👊🏼Despite all of that, our last bit of advice is just do it! Yes, plan but ultimately it is a risk and you have to take the leap!