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GP Nutrition Supplements: Interview with Founder Gabriela

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GP Nutrition Supplements: Interview with Founder Gabriela

Do any of you guys take regular supplements as part of your skincare or wellness routine? I’m terrible at sticking to a regime; I regularly pop into Holland & Barrett to purchase after reading about a new supplement that’s going to give me glowing skin/stronger nails/bouncier hair/more energy but wind up with a cupboard full of pills that I forget to take and, if I’m honest, no idea what they really are. We get approached a lot to test out and review products and we’re pretty picky about what we’ll do (as we don’t like testing stuff for the sake of it), but when GP Nutrition got in touch my ears pricked up. What really interested me was the fact that they offer supplement programmes for busy people that are tailored to a specific concern and all wrapped up into one so you’re less likely to forget to take them. The simplicity of the programme was hugely appealing so I agreed to give them a go.

I’m currently at the beginning of the Clean Me and Energise Me programme so it’s too early to report back but both Dominika and I will be doing a full review. In the meantime though, I read a lot into GP Nutrition and the found the story behind it super interesting (hello fellow female entrepreneur). I got in touch with Gabriela to see if she’d be up for answering a few questions about supplements as I think it’s a growing area of the wellness industry. Here’s what she had to say…

Hi Gabriela! We love the range!

What inspired you to start GP Nutrition?

GP Nutrition was inspired by my patients, who lead busy lives and who are constantly on-the-go. Concerns I observed were weightmanagement, detoxing, sleep deprivation, mood imbalance and fatigue. My philosophy as a nutritional therapist is to remove any strict rules and create bespoke solutions to fit around normal busy lifestyles. This led me to combine the two and develop easy-to-use and goal-focused formulas to meet every day needs.


Who are your products designed for?

My programmes are designed for modern, fast-paced lifestyles, for individuals who don’t want to compromise on health and wellbeing. It was vital for me to create a line that is easy-to-use and most importantly effective, with potent and goal-focus formulas. I completely understand that most people are either working long hours, have a family, or are busy socially, yet still want to be nourished and feel their best. The daily sachets provide the full dose of nutrition required and are conveniently pre-packed, so are easy to travel with.


What if, like us, you end up forgetting to take supplements? Do you have any tips on incorporating them into every day routines?

My favourite way to have the drinks powders is to put them in my morning smoothie. I have a green smoothie daily, so it is easy to add them to my morning routine. With capsules, every few days I top up my makeup bag with them, so they are always on hand and ready to take once I open up my bag which is easier that decanting lots of different supplements.


We both are crazy busy at the moment so are super excited about Energise Me – tell us a little more about how it works?

Energise Me is a potent blend of B Vitamins, Vitamin C & D, Iodine and antioxidants. These elements all contribute to the energy cycle, helping fight fatigue and restore vitality. Vitamin C & D supports immune defences, Iodine enhances cognitive function and B Vitamins increase and sustains energy to reduce tiredness. It is the perfect pick me up to stay refreshed after long days or while travelling.

What’s your favourite programme in the range?

A difficult question… I often find that I use my programmes at different times throughout the year. At the moment as I have been working long hours with lots of launches, I am using Calm Me which is packed full of magnesium to calm the system and B Vitamins to optimise nervous system function. It ensures I get a good night sleep, so I can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Can your products help to complement our beauty routine? Can we expect to see differences in our skin and hair?

Of course, as we know, beauty comes from within and internal health will reflect on skin. So, a well-balanced and healthy system will leave skin radiant. If your body is deficient in nutrients, it will always be the skin and hair to struggle first.

As a former model we have to ask you about your beauty routine! What are you currently using and which brands do you love?

Some of my favourite products are Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum to brighten and hydrate along with my Neostrata Moisturising Day Cream. For the evening I love Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial and Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cream. I always make sure to alternate my skin care on a daily basis.

Another very important step in my skincare routine is having regular peels at The Peel Boutique by Dr Rabia Malik, she is the founder and is an amazing cosmetic doctor. The peels really leave skin glowing.

For my body I try to always use organic products. My favourite body lotions are by Dr Hauschka, they are always fast absorbing and very nourishing.


Finally, we love meeting fellow entrepreneurs! Tell us what you love most about running your business?

I absolutely love the freedom to be creative with my formulations, being able to create products targeted to specific needs is such an exciting process. I also feel incredibly happy when I see my products have a real positive impact on people’s lives, it makes it all worthwhile.


GP Nutrition Supplements: Interview with Founder Gabriela