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Formula Botanica: Green Beauty Conversations

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Formula Botanica: Green Beauty Conversations

As you all know, we’re proud graduates of Formula Botanica, and huge advocates of their teaching philosophies and ethics. As a refresher, Formula Botanica is the accredited online organic cosmetic science school, hosting over 4,400 students in 129 countries. In a world where green chemistry can be seen as inferior or alternative way of formulating skincare products, Formula Botanica gives scientific credibility and fact based evidence to their practice. We’re always trying to dispel the myths that natural cosmetics don’t work as well as their synthetic counterparts, or that there needs to be a compromise when you switch. We’re immensely proud of the work Formula Botanica propelling this message to mainstream audiences.

In their latest venture, they’ve launched a series of podcasts called Green Beauty Conversations. If you’re a formulator, natural skincare brand owner or consumer, close off 15 minutes and give it a listen. Their first conversation is around the never ending debate on synthetic vs natural and the differing definitions around what is natural. The conversation also raises interesting questions around sustainability and sourcing of ingredients, and where natural or naturally derived ingredients don’t always make sense.

Lorraine, Director of Formula Botanica, says about their new podcast: “We are proud and excited to lead the global green beauty conversation. Our brand-new podcast allows our award-winning school to continue supporting indie beauty brands around the world.”

You can listen to the three episodes here and we’re waiting patiently the next ones, cup of tea and periodic table at the ready. Lorraine also regularly contributes to cleanbeautyco.com and you can read some of her previous articles here.

Happy Formulating!

Dominika Minarovic x

Formula Botanica: Green Beauty Conversations