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A lot of you have been asking about our DIY journey and how we learnt to make our own products. We’re passionate about sharing the know-how of making beauty goodies because it’s easy, it’s empowering and most importantly, it’s super fun. When we started out two years ago, we were total DIY novices. Through a ton of experimentation and research, some disasters and some absolute winners, we got to a point where we felt comfortable guiding our readers on this journey

But we still wanted to know more. We wanted to study the skin, use higher performance ingredients and go beyond anhydrous products. Formula Botanica ( was one of the first institutions that caught our eye; the calibre of the teachers is exceptional, it’s the only accredited diploma available in the industry, and most importantly, their values and philosophies on beauty complimented ours.

We started with their Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. It was an incredibly indepth and insightful course, taking you complete from start to finish in formulation, as well as covering international regulation, safety, and entrepreneurship. The course is a mix of practical wellbeing and commercials delivered in videos, workshops and assessment.

We’ve found the material of course invaluable to broadening our own expertise, but the sense of community and passion of our fellow students has been really inspiring. We congregate in an exclusive Facebook group (VIP’s innit) where a bunch of great tips, formulas and challenges are shared. We’ve spent many hours trawling through, seeing an exciting new ingredients, or empathising with a separated cream, the ultimate woe of the natural formulator.

If you’ve come to a roadblock and are looking to further your DIY journey, look no further than Formula Botanica. Also stay tuned for part 2, where we share what we learnt on the their Chocolate Spa Therapy (er yum) and Facial Masque Certificates. Expect some snaps of chocolate covered faces!

– Elsie Rutterford & Dominika Minarovic