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Five of the Best Budget Natural Beauty Buys

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Five of the Best Budget Natural Beauty Buys

Natural beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth and, as the mainstream beauty industry moves towards price-conscious products and big brands are being called out for blanket formulas with mega price tags, turning to natural alternatives can actually be a wise financial move. With formulas way higher in active botanicals and containing much less water than their mainstream alternatives (which is mega cheap and so used in abundance in beauty), natural products will often go much further, as you end up needing to use much less. Despite that, natural still gets a bit of a rep for being mega expensive, which isn’t always the case! We’ve rounded up our favourite natural beauty buys that aint gonna break the bank.

There are also a number of great natural beauty UK retailers who often have intro offers or bank holiday deals. Head to Content Beauty, Naturisimo or LoveLula – all of whom have May Bank Hol deals on now.


Green People OY Cleansing Moisturiser – £11 for 50ml
Formulated for oily/spot prone skin with green tea and willow bark,it may be aimed at teen skin but we think this light moisturiser is the perfect day cream, particularly in the summer when skin is sweaty and spots are rife.

BYBI Beauty Prime Time – £24 for 60ml
Priming facial polish with fruit extracts, marshmallow root and cocoa butter for an exfoliating cleanse. BYBI say Prime Time primes skin to more readily absorb the nutrients in the rest of your beauty routine, making your products work harder, meaning you use less and they last longer.


Weleda Skin Food – £10.95 for 75ml
Weleda Skin Food is a great multi-tasker. It’s thick and rich which means that, whilst it’s a great night cream, it’s a little heavy to use on the face every day. But it does make the perfect hand/foot/elbow/general dry patch all-rounder and perfect for very dry faces. It’s full of beeswax, chamomile and calendula plus smells great. This stuff will last forever as you literally need a pea-sized amount with each use.

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap – £2.15-£17.49 for 59ml-956ml
Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap is pretty great. It comes in an array of fragrances including tea tree, rose, lavender, citrus, almond and unscented, and can be used to wash pretty much anything/one. We mainly use it as a body wash – it doesn’t dry skin and doesn’t have any nasty foaming agents or preservatives.


Evolve Beauty Superfood Shine Shampoo £12 for 250ml (plus 15% off your first order when bought from Evolve direct)
High performance, natural shampoos are few and far between and can be pretty punchy when it comes to price (we’re looking at you Rahua). We were thrilled to find Evolve’s Superfood Shine Shampoo – packed full of Baobab, aloe and pomegranate for a gentle cleanse and healthy shine.

Five of the Best Budget Natural Beauty Buys