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Five Beauty Handbag Essentials That You Need in a Heatwave

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As summer is in full swing with scorching heatwaves, surprisingly for the UK reaching over 30 degrees, we wouldn’t be true Brits if we didn’t complain a little about the weather. Whilst we love this heat (hello sunbathing at lunchtime), it only takes a couple of minutes in the blazing sun before we feel a little hot and bothered. Feel the same? Don’t stress, we’ve come up with 5 summer handbag beauty essentials that are sure to keep you feeling cool, calm and collected on your travels!

Pixi Glow Mist £16

1. First up – facial mists will be your best friends to help you feel refreshed and hydrated especially on those awful, clammy train journeys. Pixi Glow Mist is great as it contains 13 natural oils and fruit extracts and also doubles up as a makeup fixing spray! It reduces any redness and smooths skin so you’ll be looking fresh-faced at any time of the day.

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation£15 

2. Next, it’s always handy to carry some powder makeup top up with you, especially when your make-up is likely to be melting off your face. To save you from this drama, this mineral foundation from Lily Lolo uses only natural ingredients to help minimise any blemishes and provides a buildable coverage. It is also SPF 15 so great to help protect from those skin-damaging sunrays!

Hurraw Sun Lip Balm£4.50 

3. Another summer essential is lip balm – with the sun sucking out the moisture from our lips, a lip balm is an absolute must to keep them hydrated and soft. We love Hurraw’s lip balm range – they come in a delicious range of flavours from cinnamon to earl grey. However, if you’re looking to go the extra mile in looking after your lips then their SPF 15 sun lip balm is the one for you! It contains sweet almond oil, coconut oil, tangerine essential oil and chamomile extracts so is sure to smell and taste like a dream.



4. Next up, dry shampoo is likely to be your hair saviour when it comes to those lazy days and where the heat makes your hair double as greasy. You can make your own with this simple recipe containing only 3 ingredients!: 

45g Arrowroot powder

5g Bicarbonate of soda

5 Drops of geranium essential oil 

All you have to do is mix all 3 ingredients well and put into a container (a salt shaker may be a good option but you can also use a makeup brush to apply the mixture). It should keep well for around 6 months providing you store it in an airtight container and keep your fingers out of the product!

Note: if you have darker hair cocoa powder is a great alternative so you can’t see any white patches!


Neal’s Yard Lemon and Coriander Deodorant£8.50

5. Lastly, this wouldn’t be a summer handbag essential list without a deodorant, because the underground in summer can lead to some pretty stinky pits. This Neal’s Yard Remedies Lemon and Coriander is perfect to quickly spray on when in a rush and can be used with all skin types without any irritation. It naturally gets rid of bacteria with its cleansing extracts.

With these 5 essentials you should be all set to go and beat the problems summer weather can bring us!

Natasha x