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As a lover of massages, holistic treatments, and just generally being a bit of a spa fiend, I was really excited to try reflexology. I didn’t actually have a clear idea of what it was, just generally that it centered around the feet. So, just to be kind to the soul that would be handling my tootsies, I prepared my feet with a pedi and trotted down to Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms.

I mean, firstly, whoever hasn’t been to Neal’s Yard generally, or the Therapy Rooms, get down there pronto. A calming sensation, could be the wafting lavender scent, hits you as soon as you enter the picturesque cobblestone street. It’s a welcome reprise from the hussle of Covent Garden, or life in general.

My treatment was with Linda, an experienced reflexologist of over 8 years. I was curious to know more about the philosophy behind the practise and how your feet have a part to play in your overall wellbeing. She explained the ancient Chinese practise uses the pressure points in your feet (also hands, ears, legs and face) as they are linked to all parts of the body. I particularly liked that it was non-intrusive way of balancing your body naturally, and Linda very quickly and accurately, pointed out areas of my body that she could feel tension. Pretty amazing seeing as she was just touching my feet.

At this point, in the calm lavender scented room, I dozed off. It was just so bloody relaxing! I was knocked out pretty cold until the end of the treatment, but I awoke feeling incredibly rejuvenated. It was similar to feeling post-massage, but I didn’t have to go through the aches and pains of being kneaded with someone’s elbow. I flowed home in a daze and got an early night. I slept well and the next morning my joints felt more supple, and a lot of the tensions I had felt in my shoulders was relieved.

Now it’s just about counting down the days till my next visit.

– Dominika Minarovic