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The Essential Oils That Will Banish Your Stress


Essential oils are the solution to everything. No, seriously. They are used for everything: skincare, cosmetics, medicine and therapy, and are the most powerful natural treatments for anxiety and stress because of their highly concentrated medicinal properties.

Although we can’t guarantee that they will magically eliminate every little stress or anxiety in your life forever – some  hell of pressure on the poor little plants! – but they do come quite close to it. Here are the ones we recommend to try out:


Hands-down the best essential oil. It calms down the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature it also changes brain waves to more relaxed states… pretty paranormal if you ask me.

It helps with insomnia and to achieve better quality of sleep too! Bye bye anxiety and stress (for a little while / until next time).

Clary Sage

Clary sage has so many medicinal purposes. It’s an antibacterial essential oil that also helps with evening out the skin, and even helping with PMS and menstrual cramps. From a mental health standpoint, it’s a God-given gift:  clary sage is a natural antidepressant and reliever of hypertension and stress. Goodbye, winter blues!


Overcomes stress, calms nerves — and used for anxiety, insomnia and depression. Stimulates the mind and uplifts mood, confidence and optimism. Enough said! It’s great for mixing with other essential oils too – why not try combining with ylang ylang for better sleep, or orange for an uplifting DIY fragrance?


When has rose ever let you down slash not fixed everything in your life? It’s so calming and soothing, and perfect for sensitive skin. You could even try mixing a drop or two with water to make your own toner! Mix in your moisturiser for a boost! Mix in your activated charcoal clay mask if you want to give your skin the love it deserves!


A peaceful scent that benefits inner harmony and decreases irritability, overthinking, anxiety and stress. As an avid nocturnal chamomile tea drinker, I highly recommend inserting this peace of heaven in your day to day life to acquire a peace of mind like never before.


As we have mentioned, essential oils are very highly concentrated plant medicine and should be used mindfully. We recommend diluting them with carrier oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or whatever your skin is used to. They can be used:


Use a few drops on your hands and inhale deeply or put topically behind your ears, on wrists or in your hair. Draw a bath and add a few drops there to reach nirvana.


Squeeze a few drops to a tall glass of water or to your tea. However, make sure to consult your GP beforehand, especially if you are particularly sensitive to essential oils or suffer from a health condition.


Commonly used in diffusers to fill the environment with a gentle/not overpowering smell.

Introducing essential oils in your current skincare routine is something that takes time and experimentation — everyone needs to find what works best for them, the key is to not give up and keep trying different methods that work better for you.

– Giulia Greco