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Just felt the need to chat through my current body care routine as it’s great and I’m totally into it.

I’ve recently switched from shower gel to soap (shock horror). The decision was actually driven by wanting to move away from plastic where possible and I figured that the giant bottles of Jason that I was buying were a pretty easy switch to make. I’ve always been a little sceptical about soap as in my mind it’s super drying and not particularly nourishing. A misconception sure, but those things stick with you so i didn’t go head first into this switch feeling super positive. I opted for Dr Bronners Castile soap bar as it comes wrapped in a 100% post consumer wrapper and I generally like the brand. Any you know what? I’m pleasantly surprised. I feel clean head to toe without that stripping, drying feeling that soap can have. It also works a treat as a shaving gel as the formula is quite slick so it means you the blade glides over your skin and you get a super close shave.


I recently invested in a Frank Body scrub, a lazy move from a trained skincare formulator who has a published coffee scrub recipe but I wanted to give their formula a go and also liked the idea of having a preserved product so I didn’t have to worry as much about wet fingers. I got their peppermint scrub which is really nice, refreshing and not over powering. Coffee is just so great for the skin. Honestly the effects after using it for a few days are really impressive: smooth, soft skin but also it got rid of little dry patches and irritated areas. I had a few blemishes on my bum (nice) and it cleared those up. Whether you make your own or invest in a readymade, it’s a bathroom staple for sure.


I’ve been switching out a few body moisturising products depending on what my skin’s saying that day. I’m loving BARR who are a Swedish brand I discovered through Organically Epic. They have this Snow Oil which is LOVELY. It’s a blend of oils that are super light and absorb really easily, but it doesn’t feel like your average body oil. It’s hard to explain but there’s something special about; not too heavy, so nourishing, leaves skin silky and even cleared up a little rash I had on my chest (not making my body out to sound too great in this article but might as well be honest with you guys). For days when my skin’s feeling a bit drier I’m enjoying SoapNSkin’s body butters. They’re expertly blended which results in a really smooth and light texture, it’s kind of fluffy rather than that thick and heavy texture you sometimes get. I’m enjoying the Lavender & Lime with Calendula Oil as it absorbs really quickly and smells delightful.


Hand cream – definitely an underrated body product but an essential. We have a bottle of the Daughter Of The Soil Marula Hydrating Hand Lotion on our desk and I’ve been willingly working my way through it. I like how creamy and rich it is but equally it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy. The best part though is definitely the smell – it’s just glorious!


Finally, as the sun has been frequenting us so much of late and I’ve been daring to bare a little flesh, I’ve invested in a good instant tan to help the limbs look less pale/see-through. It’s tough to find an all-natural tanning product so I’m happy to settle for Vita Liberata as I think they try to use decent ingredients where possible. Their Body Blur is fantastic – like real life Face Tune – and I apply a small to any skin on show on days that I’m wearing a skirt or sleeveless top for confidence boost.