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3 Super Easy-To-Get Gifts That Are Also Great

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‘Tis the (dreaded) season of Christmas gifting. Some relish in the challenge, others merely ask for a list and click ‘add to basket’, but the rest of us? Well, we usually start thinking about it around now (T minus 5 days!) and then make a panicked dash to the high street come Christmas eve. Not this year. Here’s our quick-read guide on how to pick the right gift this winter, so yours doesn’t end up at the back of the cupboard.

Monogram it

When in doubt, go personal. Monogramming is having a moment. Instagram is chock-a-bloc with personalised phone cases, bags and notebooks. And for a good reason; the most everyday items become treasured accessories, because they’re bespoke. Head to Etsy for cute, low-budget customisable treats.

Top tip: Visit Selfridges and head over to the Mon Purse counter, where you can get on-the-spot embossing on any item in the range. All it takes is a stamp!

Back to basics

Bringing it back to beauty, there’s nothing more on-trend than flawless, pore-less, clear bare skin. We’re thinking post-festive season, when skin’s looking a little lacklustre and stressed, she’ll want nutrient-rich serums & a darn good cleanser.

Top tip: We recommend Jane Scrivner’s Nourishing Cleanser for that first cleanse, made with pure organic jojoba & 9 essential oils, it melts on your fingertips and will counteract any dehydration or inflammation.

Get out more

If you don’t want to waste your money on a gift that’s regifted in a heartbeat, then invest in an experience. Make a list of everything they your special someone likes to do, whether that be DIY beauty, cycling across Europe or making a 10/10 turmeric latte.

Top tip: Not On the High Street, not only has great gifts, but an A-grade selection of experiences which range from urban beekeeping to a gin distillery tour. The sky is your limit!

– Hannah Bennett