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DIY Rose & Lavender Water Mist


When you need is to hydrate your skin fast, this super-quick DIY fix is it. Three ingredients, three minutes, three spritzes (cheek, cheek, forehead) and a couple of pats – done. Tip: store this in a little spray bottle, ready for the handbag life, and now you’ve given yourself superfast hydration on the go!


  • 20ml rose water
  • 20ml lavender water
  • 5ml prickly pear oil.

How to:

1. Put the oil into a small spray bottle.

2. Add the rose water.

3. And then the lavender water.

4. Shake it up baby!

5. Spritz away!

And that’s literally it!


Keep your mist in the fridge for an even cooler (heh) experience and a longer shelf-life. If not, use it up quickly. We’re sure you will anyway.

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See you on the other side of dry!

– Jennie Lim