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DIY 2-Ingredient Energising Face Mask

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DIY 2-Ingredient Energising Face Mask

Want firm, hydrated skin using just two ingredients from your kitchen cupboard? It sounds like we’re pulling a leg or two, but trust us: as the top DIY dogs in town, we only make claims when we mean them.

For this amazing mask, all you need is some good ol’ coffee and honey! Coffee will invigorate you and your face as it contains caffeine (obviously), which energises and plumps the skin. It’s also high in antioxidants that help to firm and tighten. Meanwhile, honey is a powerful antibacterial ingredient that helps to keep spots at bay, while deeply hydrating your skin as it’s a humectant.

Tip: make sure you use good quality honey to reap the benefits and skin saving qualities.


1 tbsp of coffee + 1 tbsp of honey.

If you’ve made coffee in the morning, go ahead and use those grains: they’ve been nicely activated by being soaked in water. Just remember they’ll go mouldy quickly, so make sure you use them within a few days.

PS. General rule of thumb, use organic ingredients where possible, as it’s good to limit exposure to all the pesticides used in modern day food farming. Booyah!


Place the coffee and honey in a bowl and mix well.

Apply all over to clean skin and leave on for 5 minutes. You’ll get a gentle scrub as you wash the mask off: do it now and thank us later.

Tip: If you have some face mask left over, keep it in the fridge for a cooling pow wow when used the next day.

– Dominika Minarovic

DIY 2-Ingredient Energising Face Mask