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Dedication To Our Bakuchiol Booster

Since the launch of our Bakuchiol Booster everyone has fallen in love with it, read on to find out more.

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One of our favourite (even though we shouldn’t pick favourites) products of all time is…Bakuchiol Booster. Whether we like it or not, it is our bestselling product across the entire board!

Since launching in November 2018 our Bakuchiol Booster has clearly been the favourite amongst BYBI customers. Our retailers love our Bakuchiol Booster too! In some cases it can make up to 50% of our entire sales with one retailer, which is amazing.

Elsie: Everybody has their heroes, but ours was a little bit serendipitous. Bakuchiol started to take over the beauty world and then found its way into the mainstream headlines as being a really great ingredient. 

Dominika: There was a study conducted in June 2018 that we had stumbled across by chance actually. And it was exactly what we were looking for at the time, which was a high potency plant extract, 100% natural, that could deliver results that compared to some of the strongest synthetic acids or retinol.

Dominika: We were on the hunt for such an ingredient and this was really prior to bakuchiol becoming really well known. Once launched we immediately sold out and then we spent the next six months constantly selling out and trying to get on top of stock. 

At the time of launching Bakuchiol Booster only a handful of other brands had bakuchiol in their products such as, indeed labs. We found that once we had found the research to back up the amazing claims of bakuchiol, it was easy for us to add it to our range! We have previously discussed owning our NPD process and would like to highlight how much of a benefit it is, when producing innovative products. This also allowed us to be one of the first when launching our Bakuchiol Booster.

Our bakuchiol product is extremely simple yet very effective, it consists of 1% bakuchiol in squalane. At the 1% mark bakuchiol is definitely not cheap but we wanted to make sure we had a potent product.

Although bakuchiol is an ingredient that has been around for a very long time, it really had its mainstream resurgence due to a research paper published in June 2018. The study conducted by the British Journal of Dermatology was ‘A prospective randomised double blind assessment of topical bakuchiol and retinol for facial photo ageing’. The objective was to compare the clinical efficacy and side effect profiles of bakuchiol and retinol and improve common signs of  cutaneous facial ageing. They had caught wind that bakuchiol had been used to treat facial ageing in Chinese medicine. A group of dermatologists came together and decided to study the effects of bakuchiol in comparison to retinol on signs of facial ageing.

Bakuchiol is an amazing ingredient as it gives you the effects of retinol without the harsh side effects, which means it is even safe to use during pregnancy. As BYBI is a natural brand we are unable to use retinol due to its synthetic nature, which is another reason why bakuchiol is such a ‘darling’ ingredient for our brand.


Results and conclusion of the study:

The scientists said “Both bakuchiol and retinol both significantly decreased wrinkles, surface area and hyperpigmentation with no statistical differences between the compounds; the retinol users reported more facial skin scaling and stinging”.

The conclusion of the study was that “Our study demonstrates that bakuchiol is comparable with retinol, in its ability to improve photo ageing and is better tolerated than retinol”. 

Bakuchiol is more user friendly as it stimulates collagen production and focuses less on cell turnover, which is likely the reason that it is not as irritating or sensitising.

As you can probably tell we love bakuchiol and you should too! Be sure to check out our next post on the origins of bakuchiol.

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