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  • What does that even mean? Sounds like some sort of millennial buzzword crap but stick with us on this one…

    💄It’s rare in the beauty industry for brands to evolve or develop existing products. Typically products that sell well will be produced in huge quantities and products that don’t will be cut. Sometimes there’ll be a revamp of a cult classic but rarely are there tweaks to make a good product great.

    🤷‍♀️Why? Because it’s time consuming and expensive to change formulas. Particularly when you’re producing product at mass, changing ingredients, reprinting packaging, phasing out old and in new is a tricky process. Put simply, it’s not easy.

    👊🏼But why can’t we challenge this? As a consumer, if we have an opinion on how our favourite products can become outstanding, even if it’s only a tiny tweak or a niggly change, shouldn’t our voices be heard?

    💯As a brand owner, the best feedback we can possibly get is from our customers and that feedback should be used as a tool to create the best products we possibly can.

    ✅Well we’re giving it a go with bybibeauty. We’re calling it customer driven product development because that’s exactly what it! We launched our first run of products just over a year ago and since then have been collating and analysing every bit of feedback that we’ve had, with a view to spot any trends. We’ve used that insight to tweak our existing products so that you guys like them better!

    🍑First up to relaunch is Babe Balm. We made it lighter as you guys found it hard to squeeze out the tube. We made the consistency faster absorbing so it doesn’t feel so heavy on the skin. We changed the smell to make the juicy, fruity pequi more prominent. Don’t worry, we kept the eco-friendly packaging, just added a touch of gold so that it looks prettier on you shelf.

    🤪You may call us crazy, but we believe that listening to your customer is the only way to create truly outstanding products. It’s a long process and certainly doesn’t make life easy for the BYBI team, but we believe it’s for the good of beauty!