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22nd June Roundup

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22nd June Roundup

This week: Beauty Insider Tips & Tricks 

From a beauty hack that banishes dark circles for good, to the lip scrubs that really work and a must-try detoxing body treatment you can whip up in 3 minutes. 

On The Blog

It’s the DIY recipe you need this weekend.
Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to smoother skin and a body that’s perfectly prepped for some self tan. Meet the exfoliating green tea body scrub you can make from just 3 kitchen essentials in 3 minutes.

Trending This Week


Victoria Hoff of Byrdie Beauty has discovered the solution to dark circles. It doesn’t involve surgery or a loan and you can tailor the treatment with a serum of your choice, what’s not to like?!


From Kjaer Weis’ refillable compacts, to our sister brand, BYBI Beauty‘s biodegradable sugarcane tubes – get smarter about your plastic consumption with these 30 pick me ups.


If you’re in desperate need of a decent buff (flaky lips we’re looking at you), these 9 lip scrubs will provide you with a smoother, softer pout instantly and your lippy will have never looked so good.

As Seen On Insta

Here’s the two of us, complete with super glamorous factory in the background! It seems kinda mad that it was less than a year ago the first batch of @bybibeauty products landed fresh off the production run.
We literally went from making coffee scrubs in our kitchens to knocking out high performance skincare with an incredible manufacturer behind us.
It can be hard to stop and recognise progress when you’re on such a crazy journey but we have come such a long way and it’s all thanks to being surrounded by such an amazing group of people.

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22nd June Roundup