Yesterday saw the launch of @bybibeauty Bundles: eco-friendly gift sets that are totally customisable and offer up to 32% OFF THE WHOLE BYBI RANGE 😱
As brand founders, we’re constantly thinking about how we can take an environmentally responsible approach to every aspect of what we do whilst also ensuring that we don’t compromise on the quality, efficacy or aesthetic of our products. It’s a tough job! Christmas gift sets were something we agonised over as we appreciate our customers expect us to have some kind of set offering, but we’re so tired of seasonal specific packaging and products that are so irrelevant for the rest of the year. How many mulled wine flavoured, Christmas bauble shaped lip glosses have you thrown away over the years? It just all feels so wasteful.
So we decided to make a change. Here’s how bundles work:
1. Firstly, you select your eco-friendly Bundle bag. We have 2 sizes and 4 colours. They’re made from recycled paper, organic cotton and metal. Not a shred of tinsel in sight. But they look great and have been carefully designed to be reused as your new favourite travel bag or clutch. The bag is TOTALLY FREE. 2. Then you select any combination of BYBI products, meaning your Bundle is entirely personalised.
3. The higher value your Bundle, the more discount we will apply. The largest discount possible is 32%. Whilst we launched on Black Friday, the discount is here to stay. No flash sales or discount hysteria.
4. Your Bundle is built and sent directly to you. The perfect personalised, sustainable and wallet friendly gift for you and all your friends!