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You may remember our comprehensive review of natural deodorants recently. It’s a tricky old thing to get right, natural deodorant. There are very few that work well, but the alternative is toxic and chemical-filled highstreet brands that have been linked to all kinds of unpleasant things, so smelling a bit funky is actually the lesser of the two evils in this situation.

After testing what felt like a hundred different natural alternatives, I was overjoyed to find The Natural Deo Co. They sum up our deodorant conundrum perfectly – ‘You’ve decided to go chemical-free because, well, chemicals are yucky. You’ve tried all of the natural alternatives and, well, you still smell’ – and lucky for us they provide a solution that actually works! Their Clean Deodorant Balm is a winner.

Unfortunately for me, after a few weeks use I noticed that I was reacting to the Sodium Bicarb. It didn’t irritate at all, but I did find that my underarms were looking a little red which isn’t exactly attractive, particularly at the gym (the tree in yoga doesn’t look quite as good with pink pits).

I thought the dream was over, that is until I learned that The NDCo are launching a brand new version of their miracle-working ointment WITHOUT THE BICARB. This. Is. Great. News. Even better news for you is that I have had the pleasure of test-driving it over the last couple of weeks and here is what I thought:

Upon first glance, there are two main differences in the ingredient list – the bicarb has been swapped for Bentonite Clay and there’s a new Tangerine flavour. Clay is an age-old winner in the beauty industry and is often used as moisturiser, exfoliant and de-toxifyer, as well as to draw out impurities, so it totally makes sense for it to be used as an ingredient in deodorant. The clay, mixed with the coconut oil, arrowroot, olive oil and shea butter, makes for an extremely creamy texture that glides on well. It feels super moisturising and gentle enough to use even after shaving.

But I guess the real question is – does the stuff ACTUALLY work (or have I developed a bit of a stench)? You’ll be delighted to hear that my verdict is IT DOES! It went up against a pretty tough test considering it was the run-up to Christmas, but this little beauty endured: 3 Christmas parties, my birthday party, boxing, yoga, an entire day Christmas shopping (on ghastly Oxford Street), carol singing, two whole days volunteering, cycling, overheating on the tube whilst wearing a wool jumper and fur coat AND an afternoon running around Harry Potter world. Even better – no pink rash. It seems my skin is much fonder of this gentle version but don’t be fooled by it’s silky-smooth appearance, it’s still extremely powerful.

My only slight criticism is that, as the texture is now more like a cream or paste, you have to wait for it to dry before putting on clothes to avoid white marks. Other than that it’s as good as it’s elder brother, just a gentler and more soothing alternative. Plus, the tangerine smells gorgeous.