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CB SELFIE: Laura Thomas

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CB SELFIE: Laura Thomas

We grill Laura Thomas on her beauty routine in our brand new series CB (Clean Beauty) Selfie. Read on to hear her bare all on her bathroom shelf and find out what made it into her selfie…

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do…

I’m an Association for Nutrition Registered Nutritionist; I host the Podcast Don’t Salt My Game, I teach Intuitive Eating, write for The Huffington Post, work with clients and consult for the media and industry. My job is all over the place but the thing that pulls it all together is good science and evidence based practice!

What one question do you get asked the most in your job (and can we have the answer please)?

I get asked what should I eat for this or that thing and people get super focussed on individual foods, but really it’s our whole diet that matters, plus sleep + rest, how we handle stress, movement, the whole deal!

What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

Well if I don’t get up my cat will howl at the door but I’m guessing you want me to go deeper than that? My MO is to help people develop a healthy relationship to their food and their bodies. There’s so much BS out there about what constitutes a health diet; we pretty much have a meltdown every time we have to figure out what to eat!

The best thing about being a woman in your industry?

Well the industry is mostly women, but I love that we all support each other and help each other to succeed. It could be really competitive and bitchy, but everyone is really cool.

Now onto your shelfie…Why did Skin & Tonic make your bathroom selfie?

So I’m using Skin & Tonic’s Detox face mask. Since I’ve moved to London I get these outrageous breakouts from the pollution. Even when I’m really good about taking my makeup off. Doing a mask like this a couple times a week helps clear out all the crap and stops the indecent breakouts!

Tell us a bit about your daily beauty routine…

I like to keep it simple. Morning and night I take my makeup off and clean with Skin & Tonic Steam Clean/Calm Clean. The I use a light moisturiser or an oil like CBCo Rosy Glow. Recently I’ve been loving Babe Balm for a light moisturiser/highlighter/brow tamer and all rounder. Then I’ll try and squeeze in a couple of masks a week.

Right now I’m using a homemade mint sugar scrub and vanilla Shea butter lotion my friend made me for the bod. I’m all about CBCo’s Fuss free moisturiser too and like to make my one and add a drop of lime oil to make it extra tropical.


Do you think natural beauty is important and why?

I have super sensitive skin and keeping things simple and stripped back seems to work better for my skin type. Don’t ever try and take my real deal makeup from me though!

Any beauty secrets you think the world should know about?

I doubt I have any you guys don’t already know! I do kinda try and keep it basic though; I work from home so if I don’t have to go anywhere or see clients I’ll have make-up free days just to give my skin a break.

What’s your inside out beauty tip?

So I’m all about a balanced and varied diet and I encourage people to eat a bit of everything – there are no good or bad foods (unless they have a medical condition). But I think getting more plants and water in is great for overall health and skin health. There was a small study done in Korea where they gave women a high potency chocolate drink (think raw cacoa) or a flavour matched placebo and the women drinking the chocolate drink had less fine lines and wrinkles at the end of the study. It was small but still a cool finding. Eating loads of fruit and veg is gonna help too because of the high phytonutrient & water concentration. Getting nutrients from food is way better for you than supps too!

What’s your going “out out” beauty look?

So I’ll just level up my day makeup with some extra highlighter, eyeliner and a pop of colour on my lips. I like to go for quality over quantity so I’ll buy better brands but won’t go OTT. I feel like I look super weird with heavy makeup, plus I’m lazy.

Matte or gloss?


Powder finish or dewy glow?


Smokey eye or statement lip?

Bold lip – Chanel Levres Scintillantes in Rose Paradis is my fave but I’m also obsessed with Diorshow Iconic Mascara – it gives great length and makes your lashes thicker without clumps.

And finally, if you could choose anyone in the world, whose bathroom shelfie would you most like to see?

Lesley Knope/ Nikki Minaj


You can find out more about Laura, her awesome podcast and everything she does here.

CB SELFIE: Laura Thomas