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We grill Militza aka Little Green Dot on her beauty routine in our series CB (Clean Beauty) Selfie.  Read on to hear her bare all on her bathroom shelf and find out what made it into her selfie…

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do…

I run a website called Little Green Dot that’s devoted to natural living for busy people. I share natural beauty recipes, lifestyle inspiration and solutions for people living hectic, urban lives.

I believe that living more consciously helps create a happy, healthy & green life – and I’m obsessed with how to make it practical and doable in this modern world.

What one question do you get asked the most in your job (and can we have the answer please)?

The biggest question: How do I fix or change or get rid of something that I don’t like about myself?

Myself included, we’re always looking for that one magic product that will finally fix frizzy hair or chin breakouts…. and make everything better.

My answer to that question is usually sharing a natural ingredient and a recipe that’s helpful to make – but secretly I feel that the the magic comes from the act of getting hands-on and making something good for yourself. When we’re busy, stressed and not feeling our best, self-care is a revolutionary act. It’s not something we do often enough but it goes a long way towards making things feel better.

What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

I adore the mornings! Drinking a glass of cold brew coffee, testing out a new recipe, listening to the latest podcast that I’m obsessed with.

I have two daughters, so for harmony to exist – that extra hour in the morning is non-negotiable.

The best thing about being a woman in your industry?

Helping other women feel empowered. I think that when women feel capable and confident, good things happen.

When it comes to the beauty industry, there’s a consistent negative message of needing to fix ourselves, that we need to look different. Not only is that idea total garbage, it’s destructive. It hold us back, it wastes our time and it prevents us from doing things that truly matter.

Now onto your selfie…Why did your homemade cucumber hydrosol make your CB Selfie?

My homemade cucumber hydrosol is my bliss. I love the process of making it, I love the scent that it fills my home with, I love the way it feels on my skin. I’ll often use it to mix into my masks.

Tell us a bit about your daily beauty routine…

Right now, I’m following my Spring-inspired routine.

For the cleanser, I’m doing an oil cleanse using just pure rice bran oil. I’m really loving how it feels.

That’s followed by a cucumber hydrosol for my toner. And as the moisturizer, a few drops of my grapefruit and lavender infused oil to lock it all in.  

Throughout the week, I’ll use a powdered cleanser that has milk powder, cocoa powder and clay to deep cleanse and gently exfoliate.


Do you think natural beauty is important and why?

I believe that natural beauty has a ripple effect – it’s good for your skin, your health and your wellbeing. It’s also good for your home, people and planet.

The brand of lotion I buy – it’s a small decision in the grand scheme of things – but those small everyday choices have a big impact on how we feel and what we do.

Any beauty secrets you think the world should know about?

In a word, “Simplify.”

I recently interviewed natural skincare makers from all over the world. What struck me was that from all of these different voices, the message that I heard over and over again was to use less product on our skin. Coming from businesses that make and sell beauty products, this is a pretty brave stance.

Conventional beauty marketing wants us to buy into all these complicated formulas and ten-step skincare routines. I love that there’s a shift happening, where people agree that the key to better skin is to choose “less, but better”.

What’s your inside out beauty tip? 

Consume food that makes you feel good. We all know what that is – our body is incredibly intelligent and when we get those cues, we should listen. Eat simple food, that is nourishing, that you love the taste of, and eat with great joy.
I know it’s seems obvious, but it took me years to get there. When I first became interested in wellness, it started from a place of inspiration – but soon I found myself eating or avoiding foods out of fear: to avoid getting sick, or to keep away wrinkles or other signs of aging. That stress was more toxic than anything else.

Nowadays, I don’t go overboard on eating for health, I focus on eating for happiness – and it’s made a huge difference.

What’s your going “out out” beauty look? 

I live in Bali and when you look around, you always see fresh faces – people wearing very little make-up and looking gorgeous!

I’ve always loved my makeup and doing big fat cat-eyes, but this year living in Bali, I really embraced the fresh face look. Focusing on good skin care and rocking a natural glow.

But one thing I always do? My brows!  

Matte or gloss?


Powder finish or dewy glow?

Dewy glow

Smokey eye or statement lip?

Smokey eye

And finally, if you could choose anyone in the world, whose CBelfie would you most like to see?

I’d like to see yours, Elsie and Dominika!

I love seeing what makers use, because you know it’s got to be something that they’re passionate about. Just like how I always want to know what someone like Nigella Lawson whips up for dinner when the cameras are off 🙂

You can find out more about Militza over on her awesome website littlegreendot.com